Trump Wants To Force Immigrants To Submit Eye Scans, Voice Prints, And DNA

Privacy advocates, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, have long found issues with iris scans, pointing out that they can not only be faulty in certain situations, like if an individual has an inflamed eye, but that the creation of iris scan databases can be compromised, leaving highly sensitive information at risk. Law enforcement officials, […]

Trump Admin Formalizes ‘Orwellian’ Proposal Forcing Immigrants to Submit DNA, Eye Scans

In a statement promoting the proposal earlier this month, Ken Cuccinelli, the senior official performing the duties of the DHS deputy secretary, said: “This proposed rule eliminates any ambiguity surrounding the department’s use of biometrics, setting clear standards for how and why we collect and use this information.

Appeals court hears Baltimore’s aerial surveillance case

“If I understand correctly, this data that are collected represent a person as one pixel. I’ve looked at the pictures, I can’t even identify the persons myself in the pictures,” Judge Paul V. Niemeyer said during the hearing. “… This is so generalized I’m not sure it even fits within the language of the Fourth […]