Financial help for airlines ‘should come with strict climate conditions’

“It must be conditional, otherwise when we recover we will see the same or higher levels of carbon dioxide [from flying],” said Miguel Arias Cañete, the EU climate commissioner who led the bloc to the Paris agreement, in an interview with the Guardian. “We know the level of emissions we have to commit to [under […]

Stimulus package likely by end of this week

NEW DELHI: The much-awaited economic stimulus package is likely to be finalised by the end of this week, sources told ET NOW. The government and the Reserve Bank of India are in talks to raise borrowing for the next financial year, sources added. The central bank may be asked to directly buy government bonds. There […]

South Korea’s top 2 LPGA Tour players on longest break ever

He called everyone with whom he had been in contact, including his roommate during the tournament. He was re-tested about a week later and the results were negative for Lange and his girlfriend. Meanwhile, he said, South Africa entered a 21-day lockdown, giving him an additional three weeks of self-imposed quarantine.

Kerala Lockdown Day 9: No April Fool pranks please

As the Kerala lockdown imposed to check the coronavirus outbreak enters Day 9 on Tuesday, the state has opened up many avenues to make life a tad easier for its 3.3 crore population. It has also warned of strict action against mischief making, considering the seriousness of the crisis. Make no mistake, authorities would not […]

The Latest: Spain works to up number of intensive care units

The delivery follows a phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday, when the two leaders discussed cooperation in the fight against the new coronavirus. A Kremlin statement said the call took place at Washington’s initiative.

Coronavirus Creates an Opening for Progressivism — Also Barbarism

Even if one ignores that (1) the American economy has relied for centuries on migrant laborers from parts south, that (2) we built our agricultural sector around the tacit presumption of this labor force’s existence, and that (3) the 7.6 million undocumented people who work in the U.S. pay into federal social programs that they […]

Global stocks rebound further as markets await $2 trillion U.S. stimulus boost

U.S. senators will vote Wednesday. Top aides to Republican President Donald Trump and senior Republican and Democrat senators agreed on the unprecedented bill, which amounts to nearly half the $4.7 trillion the U.S. government spends annually, after five days of marathon talks.

What Is IDV And How Does It Determine Your Car Insurance Premium?

Third-Party Insurance Comprehensive Insurance Covers accidental insurance only to third-party Covers accidental insurance for both policyholder and third-party Applicable only to damages caused by the policyholder Applicable to damages caused by man-made & natural calamities Inexpensive with low premiums Comparatively high initial cost with high premiums One major deciding factor for the premium for the […]

Almost a fifth of small businesses ‘at risk of collapse within month’

In her letter to Sunak, Reeves said the history of support to the banking sector meant they had to step up. The industry and regulators at the Bank of England have said that banks are well positioned to support the economy through the crisis. The banks on Tuesday night agreed to scrap dividend payouts to […]

Coronavirus: Millions will be left in poverty, World Bank warns

A SIMPLE GUIDE: How do I protect myself? AVOIDING CONTACT: The rules on self-isolation and exercise MAPS AND CHARTS: Visual guide to the outbreak VIDEO: The 20-second hand wash STRESS: How to look after your mental health The World Bank predicts growth this year in the developing East Asia and Pacific region will slow to […]