President Obama’s speech on NSA surveillance reforms – full text

To the contrary, in an extraordinarily difficult job, one in which actions are second-guessed, success is unreported, and failure can be catastrophic, the men and women of the intelligence community, including the NSA, consistently follow protocols designed to protect the privacy of ordinary people. They are not abusing authorities in order to listen to your […]

In a Pivot-Happy World, We Need to Let Twitter Be Twitter

I can hardly claim that this particular tweet has made me wiser or more knowledgeable or more au fait. But it’s a piece in the puzzle of how my timeline makes me happy. My timeline brings me news that may be beneath the notice of the New York Times. It brings me weird and insightful […]

is a gateway drug to de-stigmatizing psychedelics

Psychedelics get their name from the Greek root words for “mind revealing,” since they can alter cognition and perception. LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is perhaps the best known, along with its popular siblings psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms); 3,4-methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine (MDMA), aka ecstasy (or molly); peyote, made from the ground-up tops of cacti that contain mescaline; […]

Dumpster diving, blackouts and suicides. Lebanon’s woes laid bare as crisis deepens

He believes a boost in political confidence could lead to an economic turnaround: “If (the leadership) stays then the country goes towards destruction,” he said, calling up images of an educated middle class preparing to abandon the country, in favor of more promising shores.

No Time to Die release date, new images, cast news, and everything else you need to know about Bond 25

No Time to Die plotWe suspect you’d have to sign the Official Secrets Act to get anywhere near the No Time to Die plot – and even then, you’d be locked in a cell until the movie’s release, just to make sure you didn’t blab. Even so, there are a few tidbits of the No Time […]

Sony Hack: A Timeline

George Clooney, in an exclusive interview with Deadline’s Mike Fleming, reveals that he and his agent, CAA’s Bryan Lourd, circulated a letter in support of Sony Pictures, but not a single one of Hollywood’s top executives would sign it. The letter, he says, “was sent to basically the heads of every place. They told Bryan Lourd, ‘I can’t […]

Jack Grealish ending the season much like he started lockdown

While Villa have shipped criticism for only just avoiding the drop despite having spent £145m on new players last summer, the brickbats were not entirely fair as at one point after securing promotion with a job lot of loanees he couldn’t keep, Dean Smith had so few outfield players at his disposal it looked like […]

First Spin: The Week’s Best New Dance Tracks From Disclosure, Gryffin, Honey Dijon & More

“Kenneth Bager’s ‘Farmacia (Homage to Frankfurt)’ was already a work of art when it came to me,” Cox says in a press release. “All I could do was paint a picture that I believe would complement the original track. I added in strings and built on the drums and emotion of the track to bring […]

Scandal of the UK holiday firms that promote Asian elephant “hell-holes”

It said that elephant safaris can play a part in the conservation of endangered species such as tigers and rhinoceros, but concludes: “With the Asian elephant also facing extinction, any elephant taken from the wild to be used by humans reduces the chances of their survival in the wild.

Jurnee Smollett Is Ready to Own Her Power With HBO’s Buzzy ‘Lovecraft Country’: “I Don’t Apologize”

Smollett has since learned she didn’t make as much as her Underground co-star, Aldis Hodge, despite the fact that she had first billing on the WGN show. “Why give me that and then give me less money than my male counterpart? It’s wild,” she says, shaking her head. For all that Underground did for Smollett’s […]