UK Economy Heading for the Rocks Unless Life Returns to the Normal Without Delay

It’s official. Britain’s GDP fell by more than any other G7 nation in the three months to June. Most of that time the economy was in some form of lockdown. Those of us who warned of the dire consequences of shutting down the economy for such a long period were attacked at the time, but […]

Turning insects into energy bars: Biblical protein and the man who owns the world’s first grasshopper farm

Before I could breathe a locust+John the Baptist question over the phone line, Tamir dropped a gourmet fact – the saint’s favourite food was locusts dipped in wild honey. How was he privy to John the Baptist’s menu? I was about to smirk but had to quickly hide the fledgling smile when Tamir quoted from […]

UK to mark 75th anniversary of Victory over Japan Day

“It’s important that as we face the challenges of today, we take inspiration from that generation. Through their community spirit and their bravery and their determination for a better world they’ve shown us what we can achieve when we pull together.”

‘Deep remorse’: Japanese emperor marks 75th anniversary of surrender

The South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, offered talks with Japan to resolve their feud over wartime grievances as his country celebrated the 75th anniversary of its liberation from Japanese colonial rule. In a nationally televised speech, Moon said his government had left the door of consultations wide open for Japan to settle a long legal […]

Boris Johnson Sets Out COVID-19 Road Map With Bars Opening Within Two Months

Those who can’t work from home “should be actively encouraged to go to work” but public transport should be avoided if possible Sunbathing and unlimited exercise allowed from Wednesday It will “soon be time” to impose quarantine on those entering the U.K. Some non-core shops could be allowed to open from June Schools opened in […]

Raiders owner Al Davis laid to rest in Oakland

Because there was no notice, only a handful of folks came, but that is expected to change. The 102-year-old mausoleum, a sunlight-filled, Spanish-style creation of architect Julia Morgan, is open to the public, and that includes the area in which the Raiders’ owner was laid to rest.

Bright spots for trade in Asia

This commission meeting should be notable for a few reasons. First, it is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the agreement after more than 18 months in operation. While trade flows remain depressed under the pandemic, governments like Vietnam have taken advantage of the opportunity to expand knowledge. Vietnam held 577 seminars and workshops […]

There was mafia in Eagles —Chidi Nwanu

When I went to Aba, I didn’t know anybody. Luckily, the team showed up. I was always with my training kits. I was already warming up before they arrived. They soon noticed me and called me. They asked, which club was I coming from? I told them I was there for screening. After screening, they […]

Foreign banks less influential than expected

Fifteen years ago, foreign banks were well ahead of Chinese banks in terms of technology and business innovation. But after 2005, Chinese banks made tremendous progress in technology investment and application and business innovation. They surpassed foreign lenders in these areas by drawing on the advanced experience of foreign banks and taking advantage of the […]

NBA considering a second bubble for non-playoff teams

“Michele has made it clear that’s how it’s going to be,” one front-office member whose team pushed to create a mini-camp within its own market said, according to ESPN. “Adam is going along with it. I understand their point, but it’s frustrating for us that we can’t loosen the restrictions a bit so we can […]