Destiny’s creators made the game less addictive – and players rebelled

Cotton wants Destiny 2 to let players create their own stories, moments to discuss with friends the morning after: the long-distance headshot that won the game, or being the sole player who revived all five of their teammates, saving the raid from doom. Ridiculous moments in Destiny history such as the aforementioned “loot cave” have […]

Xbox One X review: one for the 4K diehards

Four years after the launch of the original machine, Microsoft’s Xbox One family is now finally complete. Although the Xbox One X has been hailed as the most powerful console ever made, it very much remains an Xbox One derivative, running all the same games and working with all the accessories with no Xbox One […]

2022 World Cup further behind schedule with Asian games off

Across AFC member countries, domestic leagues have resumed in under strict health protocols in China, Japan, South Korea and Australia. The Chinese government said last month it would not host any international sports event for the rest of 2020 unless it was to test venues for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Shakhtar, Sevilla advance into UEFA Europa League semifinal

After the half time, Basel tried to take over but they failed to pose danger in front of Shakhtar Donetsk’s target. Basel’s best chance came with an hour into the game when Cabral’s chip nearly caught goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov flat-footed.

Is QB the most taxing position in sports? It’s close enough to make no difference

How do you compare the mental acuity and natural agility of a top-level hockey goalie to the complex mapping required for a golfer to read the speed and undulation of a green? Or how do you compare the precision and fortitude it takes to step into a boxing ring to the skills of a biathlete, […]

I love my steampunk robot, but Torchlight 3 feels like a step back

The skills themselves feel pretty darn sparse as well, only seven skills per tree, and only two trees per character. Each skill has tiers that increase their power and effects, but it’s hard not to glance back at my Embermage from Torchlight 2 and see three skill trees, each with 10 skills, and not feel […]

Best Warzone loadout for AN-94, Bruen, FAL, Grau, and other top weapons in Season 5

Thanks to Drift0r I know that the MP7 has a cap on its maximum damage range, which means it’s near-pointless to do our usual trick of double-whammying the range with a Monolithic and a long barrel. So we’re just going with the Monolithic Suppressor this time (remember, suppression is absolutely critical in Warzone for staying […]

NFL and Sky Sports unveil ‘Sky Sports NFL’ as part of five-year partnership

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