Destiny’s creators made the game less addictive – and players rebelled

The sequel, 2017’s Destiny 2, dialled this back. Instead of awarding precious loot randomly, it gave consistent rewards to everyone through weekly challenges. At a time when the gaming industry was grappling with the ethics of compulsive loops and the problematic patterns of behaviour they could encourage, the change was forward-looking. The original Destiny felt, […]

2022 World Cup further behind schedule with Asian games off

Across AFC member countries, domestic leagues have resumed in under strict health protocols in China, Japan, South Korea and Australia. The Chinese government said last month it would not host any international sports event for the rest of 2020 unless it was to test venues for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Best Warzone loadout for AN-94, Bruen, FAL, Grau, and other top weapons in Season 5

Call Of Duty: Warzone guide series [Season 3] Warzone Bunker locations – Keycards, Bunker 11, and the Nuke event explained. Best Warzone loadout – the very best loadouts and perks in Warzone. Warzone weapon stats – the definitive Warzone weapon stats guide. Best guns in Warzone – learn about the guns dominating the Warzone meta. […]