PM Imran urges UN to play its role in addressing rights’ violations in IoK

Pakistan expects UN to play effective role in resolution of Kashmir issue: FM QureshiQureshi in an earlier meeting with Bozkir had said Pakistan expects the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to play an effective role in the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue and put an end to the human rights violations in the valley.

Mithali, Jhulan target 2022 Women’s World Cup

“There’s always a positive to take out of any situation, in this case too , I say more time for planning and preparations. Same vision, same goal, ” Mithali tweeted in a response to rescheduling of the World Cup, which was originally set to be played in 2021 in New Zealand.

New Russian Tank ‘Like Playing Computer Game’

Ilya Demchenko, deputy chief designer, said: “A new philosophy of these machines is that they have a remote controlled combat module, multi-spectre channels, new algorithms and, if I may draw an example, it’s as if the crew, roughly speaking, plays a computer game.

Vietnam set to face Malaysia in World Cup qualifier in October

Information regarding the fixtures was released by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) during a recent meeting to discuss rescheduling all matches taking place later in the year due to impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

David Crosby Remembers Jerry Garcia: ‘He Did Not Play for Money — He Was Chasing the Notes’

When we think of Jerry Garcia, we never really think of him in any kind of isolation, the way we would so many music superstars. We think of him in collaboration, whether with the Dead or playing bluegrass or with other side projects or just playing on albums like yours. It’s the same thing I […]

Chipper Trump plays to boisterous crowd at million-dollar fundraiser in honor of his late friend Stanley Chera – whose son reveals Trump called EVERY day when he was dying from covid

‘It’s $400 a week, and we’re doing it without the Democrats,’ Trump said in his Saturday announcement, asking states to cover 25 percent of the cost. It was not immediately clear where the federal portion would come from – though the president suggested he was looking to use unspent funds from previous coronavirus relief bills […]

Lacey’s first World Cup final July 8 1974

With Cruyff halted, the Dutch football, while remaining skilful, seemed grey and unimaginative in comparison with what had gone before. It was as if somebody had ploughed over a tulip field. The other ingredients were there – Neeskens with his stamina and courage, Van Hanegem’s wickedly swerving passes, the energy and quick eye of Jansen […]

How Manchuria Changed the World

With China weakened militarily, Japan saw an opportunity to claim parts of Manchuria for itself, protecting its interests in the Korean peninsula in the process. In February of 1904, it declared war on Russia, altogether ignoring China, who still technically ruled the area.

Jared Leto confirms he’s playing Andy Warhol in biopic

Warhol had a short yet extensive career, creating a lasting imprint on the international art world as well as American pop culture. He was the brain behind famous studio ‘The Factory’ in New York City and was known for his legendary gatherings that included artists, musicians, actors, and a varied cross-section of sexual orientations, working […]

Jordan Reid questions playing 2020 football season

“In a perfect world, you’d like to be able to play more than the five.” Kapilovic said, according to “I think if there’s a significant drop-off between the starter and the backup, then the only time they’re going to get on the field is because of injuries or if the game is out of hand.”