COVID-19: Live streaming of poetry and book reading sessions

“The digital platform has given us a great opportunity to hear the discussion on arts, literature and contemporary issues in this hour of confinement. I can choose and see the show and even if I miss one segment, I can catch up with that by clicking on the link later,” Riya Sen, a post-graduate student […]

Brookfield Theatre Celebrating the 2019 Paddy Awards

The 2019 Paddy Awards were presented on Feb. 22, 2020. For each show, the cast and crew voted for the one person they felt exemplified the Spirit of the Show. Voting was competitive with many notes of appreciation sent between cast & crew. Because voting was so close, we added honorable mention recognitions:

Lockdown Diaries: Home by Ruth Vanita

Home is the place one feels driven to return to when the sky is falling. Though many migrant workers decided to go home for financial reasons, there were other reasons too. Better confront the crisis with one’s own people in one’s own village. This feeling was not confined to the poor. Waiting at the airport, […]

They Act Like They Don’t Love Their Country

Love rejectedhurts so much morethan Love rejecting;they act like they don’t love their countryNowhat it isis they found out their country don’t love them. I always read this piece as a kind of interrogation of “black love.” I think it was written to critique Black Power in the ’60s, but in the ’90s at Howard […]

Battleborn wins Claire Vaye Watkins Dylan Thomas award

Fellow judge Allison Pearson called her “truly gifted”, suggesting that it was particularly exciting for the £30,000 prize to find a “truly remarkable short story writer” in the year Alice Munro was awarded the Nobel prize for literature. The shortlist was made up of two collections of poetry, three novels and two short story collections.

‘Nashville’ star Allen Garfield passes away at 80 due to Covid-19

Bill Withers, the legendary performer who defined 1970s soul with timeless hits like “Ain’t No Sunshine” and “Lean on Me” died on Friday , his family said in a statement. He was 81 years old.The Grammy-winning artist succumbed to heart complications, according to his family, which said it was “devastated” over the loss.”A solitary man […]

Not a girl, not yet an Oscar winner

Anson Mount too paid generous tribute to his co-star. “She was a real pro, a real delight,” before revealing that none other than Robert De Niro is also a fan. “I was working on City by the Sea with Robert De Niro when I got the script for Crossroads. I was reading it between takes, […]