Mars probe arrives at Hainan launch site in South China

The rover, which is expected to become the world’s seventh of its kind and the first from Asia, has six wheels and four solar panels and carries six scientific instruments. It weighs more than 200 kilograms and will work for about three months on the planet, designers said.

Foreign Language Oscar Shortlist: A Preview Of Possibilities, Part 1

Zvyagintsev first became known to international audiences with 2003 Venice Golden Lion winner The Return. That film “opened doors for me; I couldn’t stop smiling for at least a year. I realized that I am who I am, that I exist. At the time I was already not a young man — I was 39 […]

All eyes on Taunton: When Sir Jack Hobbs ‘got it at last’

There was no touring team in 1925. That in itself was not particularly unusual: only three countries played Test Matches and, as Dominic Sandbrook points out, county cricket was still the national sport, shading even football until after the Second World War. Five bowlers were to take over 200 wickets that season and the country […]