Redding Police Shoot, Kill Marysville Woman, 62, Whose Car Struck Officer

Nevada County Man Tackles, Punches Bear To Save His Rescue Dog Buddy Stockton Kid Becomes ‘Santa’s Mailman’ While He Waits For Make-A-Wish Mailman Dreams To Come True Businesses Contemplating If They Will Comply With New Pending Stay-At-Home Order On Friday, the coroner’s office confirmed the woman’s identity as 62-year-old Marysville resident Dolores Hernandez.

Florida man, 53, enraged by unrequited love douses woman, 61, with gasoline and sets her on fire after finding out she was romantically involved with his stepfather

Blanco had reportedly been living in the family’s home for several years, having cared for Quinonez’s mother until the woman died just over a month ago. Quinonez asked her to leave on Monday, but when she refused he doused her and the home in gasoline

Babar Azam, family stopped from harassing woman alleging rape

Mukhatar said in her petition that Babar had illicit relations with her and she became pregnant. She said the player forced her to abort after the promise of marriage. The petitioner annexed her medical documents as evidence.

‘Blue Bloods’ EP Kevin Wade On Tonight’s Season 11 Debut, Whoopi Goldberg, Police Brutality, & Pandemic Production

DEADLINE: You brought it up, so I wanted to talk a bit more about how you handle the pandemic in the season opener. Vanessa Ray’s Eddie spends a lot of the episode trying to help a woman who lost her father due to coronavirus and his body has gone missing in the system. Eventually, they […]

14-minute video shows how Arnab Goswami tried to resist arrest

Simultaneously, the woman officer is seen asking Goswami’s wife to sign the arrest document, but he yells and asks her to not sign any papers, saying that the police is “forcing her to sign documents”. He and his wife shout the word “live” and “everything is live” numerous times during the process. At one point, […]

Making of the Macy’s Parade (when it was EPIC): How 8,000 volunteers and performers would join 900 clowns and live animals from Central park zoo to pull off America’s favorite Thanksgiving spectacle

Dino the Sinclair Oil Corporation’s mascot was introduced to the 1963 Parade as a promotion for the company’s DinoLand attraction unveiled at 1964 New York World’s Fair. Made of 350 square yards of neoprene-coated nylon, the life-size balloon was scaled to what a real-life Apatosaurus would measure: 28 feet tall, 60 feet long, and 20 […]

Top 13 Christmas movies of all time – from Elf to Love Actually

Speaking to The Guardian, the film’s director, Brian Henson, said: “When I met Michael Caine to talk about playing Scrooge, one of the first things he said was, I’m going to play this movie like I’m working with the Royal Shakespeare Company. I will never wink, I will never do anything Muppety. I am going […]

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last night’s TV: Killing that showed Britain was no longer the land of Just William

Yinka’s best friend from childhood, Fran, shared her love of the North Peckham estate where their neighbour, ten-year-old Damilola Taylor, died — stabbed in the leg with a broken bottle by two older boys who left him to bleed to death in a stairwell.

Russian YouTuber faces 15 years in prison after his ‘pregnant’ girlfriend dies ‘of hypothermia’ during livestream stunt where he made her stand outside in freezing cold

The Russian Investigative Committee has now formally detained the streamer – real name Stanislav Reshetnikov, and launched an investigation into causing grievous bodily harm resulting in death.

West Virginia cop shot Tuesday is dead after pulled from life support; organs to be donated

“I really can’t get into more detail, I’m sorry,” he said. “We want the full extent of the law to apply in this case. We’re going to do this right and we’re going to do a thorough and conclusive investigation.”