Iran’s new attempt to introduce ‘military control’ over social networks

Protection from ‘manipulation’ Pejmanfar is keen to see access to Twitter prohibited, with the military responsible for the implementation and details of a ban — which also means the exceptions. The influential lawmaker has a Twitter account he uses regularly, just like almost all high-ranking politicians in the country, from President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign […]

We can have social media as we know it, or we can have democracy

Prior to the 2020 U.S. election, there has been a great deal of fervor amongst academics and journalists about the potential threat of high-tech deepfake videos, which use AI to create realistic representations of people saying or doing things they never said or did. As of yet, we haven’t had a major political disaster involving […]

Chadwick Boseman’s powerful election statement in last social media post before death

Chadwick and Kamala have a shared history – having both graduated from Howard University in Washington, where Chadwick graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in directing in 2000, and Kamala graduated with a degree in political science and economics in 1986.

Media Shamelessly Advances ‘Trump’s America’ Lie From Biden Campaign | Opinion

Literally all of the sustained rioting and other violence has occured in Democrat-run cities. The federal government does not have jurisdiction to always send in the feds to wander rioting streets and quell the civil unrest. If Trump did always have such authority and if he acted upon it, he’d be called a fascist. Indeed, […]

Trump’s media domination fueled his rise — and now could backfire

No president has ever dominated the news the way Donald Trump does, and if anything that’s intensified during the campaign. Trump generates far, far more coverage, commentary and columnizing than Joe Biden, and not just because he’s the incumbent. He has always had an uncanny ability, rooted in his New York days, to drive the […]

Ignore Empty Words: Does Socialism Pass the Market Test? | Opinion

One defining difference between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden is their support of socialism, defined roughly here by the degree to which a central government regulates its people and finances its services. There has been endless opining about the merits of socialism for at least a century. As socialism recently re-emerged […]

Fact check: Politicians have suffered death and harm from COVID-19

Various politicians around the world have also lost jobs in the coronavirus context. Phil Hogen resigned as EU Trade Commissioner on Aug. 26, 2020, after allegations he breached guidelines in Ireland (here). Austria’s Junior Minister for Culture Ulrike Lunacek quit in May 2020 after being accused of lack of urgency in reopening cultural venues (here). […]

TikTok to join EU code of conduct against hate speech

“Our ultimate goal is to eliminate hate on TikTok. We recognise that this may seem an insurmountable challenge as the world is increasingly polarised, but we believe that this shouldn’t stop us from trying,” TikTok’s head of trust and safety for EMEA Cormac Keenan said in a statement.

Iranian MPs want military to enforce Twitter, online rules

“Iran’s security authorities have been trying to get control of the internet for 20 years,” Amir Rashidi, who researches cybersecurity and digital rights in Iran, told DW. Rashidi, who is based in New York, said the proposed law would use the military to that end. “There are also rumors that Iran is looking for help […]

Turkish MPs to vote on bill that could block Facebook and Twitter

Thousands of individuals are arrested as a result of sending social media posts every year in Turkey, usually over allegations of insulting Turkishness, the president, or support for terrorism. The proposed legislation marks a new direction, however, allowing Ankara to exert direct control over the platforms.