As Late-Night Shows Zoom To Air, Producers Hope To Harness Quarantine Creativity Once Shutdown Ends

Purcell says this week the team has been figuring out how to send-up the fact that a large part of America has spent the last two weeks on Zoom. “These shows are about reflecting what’s going on in the world and we’re leaning into how people are living right,” he says. “Creatively, we’re trying to […]

This Constitutional Crisis Probably Won’t Be Trump’s Last

No further reconsideration is required. To borrow Pete Buttigieg’s coinage, Trump’s Evangelical supporters long ago swallowed whatever moral, religious, and ethical scruples they had and enlisted as cheerleaders for “the porn star presidency.” Falwell, who endorsed Trump because he would bring his “business acumen” to a country “so deep in debt,” has been a particularly […]

Alabama issues statewide stay-home order starting Saturday

Although Ivey had refused to issue a statewide order requiring residents to remain at home, the state previously banned non-work gatherings of 10 or more people, and non-essential businesses including entertainment venues, fitness centers and salons were ordered to close.

Civic body ropes in 81 private hospitals to treat coronavirus cases

The facilities fulfil all COVID-19 treatment criteria After granting permission to some 10 private hospitals to handle novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has now decided to rope in 81 more privately run medical facilities to step up the fight against the virus. Since Pune district has seen a surge of positive […]

WWE WrestleMania 36: Reaction to the opening day of action

WrestleMania usually sees a packed out venue full of diehard wrestling fans screaming at every moment over the course of several hours, but this year the times have changed with the action taking place in front of empty stands and fans aren’t sure how to react.

Britain’s new ‘land army’ needs all the help it can get…and fast

I’M finding it so hard to get to sleep at night. My brain is whizzing all over the place at 100 miles an hour, and when I do finally nod off, I’m woken again by the most vivid dreams.

How Nathaniel Rateliff grew up believing in God and wound up believing in soul

The final straw came after a six-week outreach programme on a Hopi reservation. “We were there for Easter,” he recalls, “and this guy was trying to do a sunrise service for a bunch of Native Americans who were asleep. And I just felt like … man, what are we doing? How embarrassing. How ignorant of […]

Why was George Pell’s appeal successful when our justice system values jury verdicts?

This is because, ultimately, the appeal courts have been given an overriding responsibility of determining for themselves whether a jury decision is a safe decision that has not been infected with the hue and cry or matters outside the evidence that was put to them.

Lido Learning gets $4.5 million in Series B funds

NEW DELHI: Ed-tech startup Lido Learning has secured an additional $4.5 million in its Series B round, said the company. The round was led by Ant Financial-backed BAce Capital. Last week, the company had announced that it had raised $3 million in the same round, taking the total to $7.5 million now. Lido Learning offers […]

Fall in crop output may raise basmati rice prices further

NEW DELHI: Rates may further firm up as Iran is likely to lift ban on imports of the aromatic rice from India; prices jump 30% in Punjab and Haryana markets. A shortfall in arrivals of basmati crop across the rice bowl of Punjab and Haryana has seen a 30% jump in prices quoted for the […]