Judges are becoming victims of juicy gossip and slanderous social media posts, says Justice N.V. Ramana

“As judges are self-restrained from speaking out in their own defence, they are now being construed as soft targets for criticism. This issue is further complicated by the proliferation of social media and technology, wherein judges are becoming victims of juicy gossip and slanderous social media posts,” Justice Ramana, who is the judge number two […]

If Trump loses, the media will be celebrating for years

While news outlets aren’t going to collapse without the Trump presidency, as he’s often predicted, they will take a hit. With a low-key Biden administration that lacks Trumpian drama, cable news ratings will probably decline from their lofty heights. With less addiction to the daily soap opera, newspaper digital subscriptions will likely drop as well. […]

100 Albums Released in 2020 to Put on Your Radar

Artist Molly Tuttle was the first woman to win the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Guitar Player of the Year for two years in a row. She stunned listeners with last year’s genre-defying solo debut “When You’re Ready” and her subsequent live shows. Her new album includes covers of songs by The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, […]

‘We can’t control the trolls’: threats to Carney highlight a growing issue

Six hours after sending that hurtful message, the user’s account had yet to be suspended by Instagram despite it being highlighted by the England Women manager, Phil Neville, to his 450,000 followers and subsequently covered by various media outlets. “Another disgraceful, awful, despicable message sent to one of my @lionesses,” wrote Neville. “@instagram can you […]

What Donald Trump and Reformer Martin Luther have in common

The printing press developed by  Gutenberg existed for 70 years before Luther perceived the added value of fast print production. Not only did Luther’s German version of the New Testament become history’s first bestseller, by producing masses of printed flyers and pamphlets, the Reformers established the “Brand Luther.” The exhibition describes the Protestant Reformation as “the first […]

Why I texted my rugby team-mates to tell them I’m bisexual: Ex-Bath and England star LEVI DAVIS goes public after his ‘sense of shame at not being normal’ led him to drink and mental health issues

A confused, upset and angry little boy, rugby became Levi’s salvation – along with a loving foster family who lived in the countryside. Without both, he is certain that drugs, gang violence and eventually prison would have claimed him, just as it did so many others in the area of Birmingham where he was born.