New Zealand: Thousands demand removal of German Nazi’s name from ski run

He is known for helping to establish the South Island ski field Mt. Hutt, where a ski trail and alpine restaurant are named after him. He was additionally recognized with a plaque to commemorate his work on the mountain. 

Breakers owner Matt Walsh joins New Zealand Esports Federation

“Matt has a wealth of knowledge in combining the worlds of traditional sport and esports. And now that we have the government’s support, the NZESF are looking forward to solidifying esports in New Zealand’s sporting landscape,” said Ben Lenihan, president of the NZESF.

When Michael Campbell produced one of the great days in New Zealand sport with his US Open win

One of those was a tie for eighth at the prestigious BMW Championship in late May, after which he played in a qualifying tournament for the US Open. It was the first time a qualifier had been staged in England, the venue being Walton Heath in Surrey, south of London and not a long drive […]

#NZhellhole: how Kiwis are hitting back at Trump’s Covid taunts

New Zealanders jumped on social media and began tweeting images of the country’s renowned beauty, using the ironic hashtag #NZhellhole. People tweeted the Southern Alps, Hobbiton and Milford Sound, as well as more intimate pictures of their spring backyards, local beaches and Fathers’ Day picnics.

Vietnam expects President Trump’s participation in APEC 2017

The Embassy of Vietnam in Washington D.C. on Friday (U.S. time) welcomed a delegation of over 70 advisors and assistants of the key offices and committees of U.S. Congress in the 115th term, who are involved in the nation’s foreign policies and relations with Asia and Vietnam.   

‘Mulan,’ once a sure thing, becomes a problem for Disney

Disney is the latest U.S. business to be embroiled in a political controversy involving China. Last year, the National Basketball Association was plunged into turmoil after a team manager tweeted in support of the Hong Kong demonstrators, triggering a backlash and a blackout of games in China. DreamWorks Animation’s movie “Abominable” stirred up a storm […]

Euro holds gains as traders brace for ECB meeting

However, traders may be reluctant to buy the common currency further before the ECB meeting due to earlier media reports that officials are growing uncomfortable with the euro’s almost 6% appreciation against the dollar from its June low.

Australian prime minister criticizes TikTok suicide video

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australian regulators have ruled out prosecuting TikTok over an apparent suicide video under tough new laws prohibiting some forms of violent online images, but the prime minister urged social media companies on Wednesday to take more responsibility for offensive content.

Indian exporters feel the heat of India-China tension

To boost exports in the short to medium term, he said India should reach out to nations with rising anti-China sentiment such as the European Union (EU), the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Japan, positioning Indian goods as an alternative.

U.S. transactions with TikTok, WeChat will be banned in 45 days: Trump

Microsoft had announced on August 2 that it was in talks with ByteDance to buy TikTok in “ the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.” TikTok is used by some 100 million Americans. Mr. Trump had, as per a Reuters report of August 3, given Microsoft 45 days to finalise the deal. Microsoft was […]