Textile and electronics hardest hit in pandemic: official

Việt Nam’s Government was supporting the two sectors with trade facilitation measures as both are export-oriented sectors. It had allowed the opening of the border for goods trading and was willing to issue electronic certificates of origin for goods to make it easier for companies to export and import, she said.

GST growth of 5.5% pulls economy down in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu. The state registered the highest unemployment rate of 49.8% in the country in April.While the national figure stands at 23.5%, the unemployment rate in TN increased by 43.5% within a month. In March it was 6.3%, according to the survey. Over a longer time period, unemployment has moved from 0.9% in May 2019 […]

Elmhurst’s IC Volleyball Gets Academic Honor

Madison BensonMorgan BensonVictoria BerneroKristen BrachmannMichelle BukowskiEva CallesFrancesca CapannariGrace GradyCarly HoldenSophie HurtIsabella LeslieOlivia PalumboJessica SobonClaire Wagner”At a time in history when most of our day-to-day activities have come to a halt, including sports, it is refreshing to highlight our student-athletes for their academic accomplishments,” Michael Fahey, the school’s athletic director, said in a statement. “The young […]

‘Dad’s words when I killed my baby brother haunted me – but I’ve forgiven myself now’

‘My heart was pounding,’ she recalls. ‘I was terrified, but somehow I knew I needed to do it. I told my story and I remember seeing tears in people’s eyes. Afterwards they were so kind and warm, that changed things for me. These people cared, they didn’t reject me. They hugged me and told me […]


Net interest income (NII) for the first half grew to VND8.1 trillion, up 23 per cent from the same period last year. Net Fee and Commission Income (NFI) was VND2 trillion, posting 57 per cent year-on-year increase. NFI was 16.8 per cent of TOI as compared to 13.8 per cent in the first half of […]

Muru Music looks to launch AI music therapy platform

“We created a human-assisted AI system that can analyse the music. What that allows us to do is analyse huge quantities of music — raw audio — and be able to find similarities based on your personal music taste. That’s the key distinction here. Here, it’s about the individual, not about large user data,” Johnson […]

Ludhiana: Up to 50% shortage of labour for road construction work, projects delayed

industry and farmers who are facing shortage of labour, but the road construction agencies, tasked with the completion of major highway projects in Ludhiana district, are also grappling with such shortage. However, the silver lining is that, despite shortage of labour, the projects might not suffer major delays.Among the two main projects, one of the […]