Princess Diana’s hairdresser admits it was ‘weird’ recreating his client’s signature style on actress Emma Corrin who plays the royal in the next series of The Crown

He added: ‘Someone sent me a television clip of her, [filmed] around the time of the Andrew Morton book, where the interviewer asked her what sparked her confidence to change in the early ’90s, and she actually said that it was Sam, who cut her hair. I melted.’ 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s £112m Netflix deal ‘could include a documentary on Princess Diana’ – but Royal sources warn it could ‘fuel tensions between him and William’

Boris Johnson needs all the help he can get from the Royal Family this time. Downing Street has made the Union the priority. The reason that the Brexit negotiations are stuck firmly on fish is that the Scots (to whom the industry is worth about £600m a year) must see the benefits of leaving the […]

Inside Princess Diana’s mother’s home where Prince William & Harry stayed

She bought the property, known as Ladywell House, in 1995, and is believed to have treated it as a holiday home with her daughter and two grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry. She split her time between the house and her bungalow on Seil Island nearby.

Princess Diana’s mother’s Australian beach house revealed: will Prince Harry buy it?

The couple have only just invested in a home in Montecito, California, believed to be worth approximately £11.2million, but it makes sense that Harry has an interest in the coastal home. It no doubt holds a special place in his heart since his late mother has previously stayed there, and Harry would surely enjoy taking […]

Princess Diana earned a shocking sum of money from divorce with Prince Charles

As revealed by Tina Brown, in her 2007 book The Diana Chronicles, “The Prince was first stunned, then outraged, when, in April [he was] presented with Diana’s final £17million term.”

Princess Diana and Elton John’s infamous fall-out over controversial book on royals

“Given the title of the book and the author’s reputation, she was perhaps a little foolish to have left it until so late in the day — but when she had agreed to write the foreword and attend the launch she couldn’t have cared less about how the Royal Family might have regarded such a […]

Princess Diana’s astrologer reveals best date to propose 2020

Fate removes an element of self-blame and responsibility (if your other half says no, you can put it down to the stars), while working in tandem with your horoscope could make you feel more positive and thus manifest as a culmination of the Law of Attraction (if you believe your partner is going to say yes […]

Princess Diana buried a dead body in the palace gardens secretly, says her butler

“I’m going to tell the chief inspector that we’re going to bury a pet in the garden. Only you, I, and Rosa will know it’s a baby,” said Monckton when Burrell asked the princess how she intends to get past security.

Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer reveals he is ‘always surprised by how difficult’ the anniversary of her death is and says it ‘takes him out at the knees every year’

It comes after the Duke of Sussex and Duke of Cambridge announced a statue is to be installed in the Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace to mark what would have been her 60th birthday (Princess Diana with her sons Prince William and Prince Harry at Wetherby School on September 12, 1989 in London)

Princess Diana wanted to move to US with Pakistani surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan

“Diana was never in love with Dodi. She always loved Hasnat Khan, the heart surgeon she dated before Dodi. She wanted to move to America or South Africa with Hasnat and was already over Dodi when she died – he was just there to try and make Hasnat jealous. He was just a playboy, not […]