Hong Kong Business People Set their Sights on America

Watkin said Hong Kong’s strong English-language credentials make it easier for business immigrants to meet U.S. entry standards and that the scramble to leave is unlikely to abate, unless the pro-China lobby backs off and Beijing adheres to its “one country two systems” policy.

GS1 Hong Kong Launches Quality Food Scheme+ to Boost Traceability, Food Safety Control and Management for Local Food Industry

Being recognised in “Quality Food Scheme” for 3 consecutive years, Tong Shun Hing Poultry (HK) Co. Ltd. also supports the launch of the new Scheme. Patrick Tong, General Manager of the company said, “As a major importer of chilled poultry in Hong Kong and Macau with 10 siu mei restaurants, food safety has always been […]

China becoming battleground for plant-based meat makers

Meat consumption in China has risen steadily since 1990, more than doubling though the pace of increase has slowed in the past decade. As a nation, China consumes more meat than any other country, though on a per capita basis the Chinese eat about half what Americans do.

Teachers praised for professionalism during epidemic

“The EDB appeals to all students, parents and all sectors of the community to pay tribute to teachers on the Teachers’ Day, and thank them for their selfless dedication, especially their great efforts and hard work in facilitating students to achieve the goal of ‘suspending classes without suspending learning’ for more than half a year,” […]

Chinese smartphone players eat into shares of global players like Apple and Samsung

market by shipments, amid heightened competition and demonetisation that has shrunk smartphone sales in the India.Players like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Gionee, which have been very aggressive in marketing, have cornered more than half of the smartphone market by shipments in November, for the first time ever, even as Apple’s shipments fell sharply and […]

Teachers urged to stick to facts on HK governance system

He said it’s biased and inaccurate to generalize the checks and balances among the three branches of government as a “separation of powers”. Now that central government officials and the local administration have clarified the matter, teachers and textbook publishers should amend their mistakes and teach students what’s right.

Donnie Yen, Alec Baldwin & Frank Grillo To Star In Action-Thriller ‘The Father’; AGC & CAA Launch Sales

CAA represents Yen, Baldwin, Grillo and Wirkola and negotiated the deal with AGC’s VP Legal & Business Affairs Anant Tamirisa and Thunder Road’s EVP Business Affairs Jonathan Fuhrman. Yen is managed by David Unger at Artist International Group.

Spotlight: Free trade, multilateralism key to Italy’s exports recovery, analysts say

Economy and Finance Minister Roberto Gualtieri cited a new report by the ISTAT national statistics institute, showing that Italy’s seasonally adjusted industrial output index grew by 7.4 percent in July compared to June, although it dropped by 8 percent in July compared to the same month of last year.

Pushback: On U.S. revoking visa to Chinese students

The deeper context of this spat is the cycle of hostile tit-for-tat exchanges between Washington and Beijing, principally tariff wars in the realm of trade, but extending to human rights and China’s COVID-19 response. On the one hand the Trump administration might have overreached in this broad-brush policy, perhaps sweeping up innocent researchers with no […]