How to print from your iPhone and iPad

How to print using email Did you think people were the only ones with email addresses? Many of Epson and HP’s new models feature HP ePrint or Epson Email Print for printing anywhere in the world by simply emailing a photo or document file to your printer’s assigned email. Once set up, the process is […]

Kylie Jenner strolls daughter Stormi through Disney World in $10K Fendi stroller as they celebrate the child’s second birthday early at Disney World

Kylie Jenner and ex Travis Scott spark reunion rumors as the… Kylie Jenner celebrates her daughter Stormi’s birthday with… Kylie Jenner reveals she can ‘see myself for sure having… Kylie Jenner reveals she has been spending her nights tucked…

Walt Disney World Florida offer gets you 14 days for the price of 7 on park tickets

Take a wild ride on the family-friendly coaster Slinky Dog Dash that twists and turns around Andy’s oversized backyard, go for an intergalactic spin with the adorable aliens on Alien Swirling Saucers and pop on the 4D glasses for a tour through a carnival-themed arcade in Toy Story Mania.

Goodbye Surfing, Hello God: Brian Wilson’s Tortured Effort to Finish ‘Smile’

Several months later, the last move in Brian’s attempt to win the hip community was played out. On July 15th, the Beach Boys were scheduled to appear at the Monterey International Pop Music Festival, a kind of summit of rock music with the emphasis on love, flowers and youth. Although Brian was a member of […]

‘Hello, hello, hello, not you, hello’: Twitter erupts with hilarious memes after Prince Charles avoids shaking hands with US Vice President Mike Pence

From left: US Vice President Mike Pence, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, French President Emmanuel Macron and Britain’s prince Charles during the Fifth World Holocaust Forum at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem

What Team HELLO! are watching this week – see our top picks

Sparkly ice skating costumes, unrequited love, parental angst and teenage drama – Spinning Out has it all and I’m loving it. The show centres around Kat, played by Kaya Scodelario, who you might recognise as Effy from Skins. But honestly, be warned: She is probably one of the most unlikeable protagonists I’ve ever come across […]

Galaxy-Themed Stuff That’s Out of This World

Galaxy, but make it Architectural Digest. It shouldn’t be surprising that Anthropologie figured out how to take the galaxy trend and make it high-style for homes, but this wallpaper from Grow House Grow definitely fits the bill. The base of this wallpaper is a matte inky color that’s accented with starry metallic speckles, and each […]

How Google’s DeepMind will train its AI inside Unity’s video game worlds

Going even grander, simulated physics could allow virtual chemistry experiments, in which software conducts far more experiments with virtual chemicals than humans can with real ones, says Lange. That could at least narrow down the candidates for real-world testing. Lange predicts that AI based on gaming engines may be able to achieve this in about […]

The Mystery of Who Stole One of the World’s Finest Champagnes–And Where It Ended Up

“Today, largely in the wake of his creating the category, by far the hottest category in Champagne is these small growers, people who really farm their own grapes,” Murdock tells The Daily Beast. “There are rabid cult followings for a couple dozen other growers [too], but [Anselme] is the one who created it, and he […]

Jeff Bezos Is the Richest Man in the World with a Net Worth of $141 Billion (Sorry, Bill Gates!)

This year, Bezos is the first and only person to ever grace the list with a 12-figure fortune to his name. And, as Forbes reported back in March, the gap was the biggest between the first and second spot since 2001 — even before this week’s new reported net worth numbers.