Inmate reductions not found to lead to more crime

A three-judge panel ruled in 2009 that substandard health care in overcrowded prisons violated the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment, ordering the state to lower inmate population to 137.5 percent of the prisons’ designed capacity, about 110,000. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld that ruling in 2011, and the courts extended the state’s compliance […]

148 tested for Covid-19 after Arthur Road jail inmate dies

The inmate suffered a heart attack, but officials say they didn’t want to take any chances. The Arthur Road jail officials conducted a rapid Covid-19 test on 148 prisoners after an inmate was found unconscious in his barrack on Sunday morning. The 43-year-old inmate, SP Jaiswal, later died in JJ Hospital, and it emerged that […]

How California reduced its inmate population to a 30-year low

And in 1994, after 12-year-old Polly Klaas was kidnapped from her Petaluma home and murdered by a man with a felony record, state lawmakers and voters passed the nation’s first three strikes law. For defendants with two previous convictions for serious or violent felonies, the law required a sentence of 25 years to life for […]

Travelers Entering Singapore Required to Wear Monitoring Devices During Quarantine

Under the city-state’s Infectious Disease Act, those who break quarantine and social distancing rules may be forced to pay fines of up to $7,272 or face a six-month prison sentence. Foreigners who break the rules could potentially have their permits to remain or work in Singapore revoked. Singapore has also used a COVID-19 tracing app […]

Lagos judiciary trains magistrates on application of Restorative Justice

“In fact the Awaiting trial inmates account for more than 75% of the inmates in our prisons today. They are in our prisons with hardened criminals and by the time they come out they have been initiated into a life of crime and are ready to spread terror, death and destruction in their post-prison escapades.

Coronavirus | As tests dip, so do new cases in Telangana

COVID-19 deaths in Karnataka stood at 2,594 as 98 new fatalities were reported on Monday. A total of 42% of the total deaths were in Bengaluru. The city also reported 43% of positive cases in the State. On Monday, 4,752 new cases were reported, taking the total to 1.39 lakh.

The village where dozens of young girls have been raped is still waiting for justice

The family woke the neighbours, who spanned out into search parties. In a nearby field, beneath stalks of sorghum, corn, and desiccated cassava, they soon found Denise lying on the wet dirt, wearing only her fuchsia-pink hoodie. She had been raped and was badly hurt, bleeding from between her legs. They took her straight to […]

Shama Sikander Slaying It From Her Latest Vacation

Opera Look She went to an opera in Budapest carrying a ravishing look. If you find a Priyanka Chopra resemblance in the look, it might be for the Ralph Lauren top which she matched with Spanx skin-hugging pants. She completed her look with huge Zara earrings and Jimmy Choo shades.