Climate change: Seven technology solutions that could help solve crisis

Energy savings made through design innovations for these household goods might be small individually, but they have the potential to scale and significantly impact energy consumption across the course of a year for a household, and even more significantly across all households in a country.

Agriculture 2.0: With drones, analytics and mobile apps, agri-tech startups are tackling India’s farming problems

Krishna Kumar founded CropIn after observing the agrarian crisis in several regions of Karnataka in 2010. As the global population swells and the demand for food products increase, CropIn attempts to optimise agricultural practices by minimising waste, developing climate resilience and advising the farmers with the aid of geotagging, satellite and weather inputs and farm […]

N-Power not solving Nigeria’s unemployment problem

Back home, the transferable skills garnered through the exchange programmes would empower Nigerian graduates to manufacture sophisticated and research driven products. Human capacity doesn’t have immediate impact on the economy but, in the long run, the beneficial and exponential impact on the economy is worth the investment. Human capacity development, enabling environment and business friendly […]

Eyeing China, Taiwan urges alliance against ‘aggressive actions’

“The rapid militarisation of the South China Sea, increasing and frequent grey-zone tactics in the Taiwan Strait and East China Sea, coercive diplomacy used against countries and corporations…are all destabilising the Indo-Pacific region,” Tsai said, without directly naming China.

5 Ways Kids Need Screens If You’re Not a Silicon Valley Exec

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, there had been a movement among some millennials, young parents, educators, and Silicon Valley executives to rely less on screens and get back to a less technologically-based society. Newlyweds were requesting that wedding guests not bring their cell phones, restaurants informing patrons not to use cell phones at their tables, […]

16 Amazing Health Benefits Of Barley Grass

16. Enhances skin health Barley grass is a good source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that effectively combats the effects of free radical damage on your skin. Barley grass also aids in detoxifying the body from harmful impurities, thereby reducing acne and improving skin health [20].

Never Fail at Your Daily Practice Again

To deal with the challenges that arise, you’ll need some tactics at your disposal. In working with clients, I tend to bring up a particular handful of such tactics. I don’t hand them a checklist; rather, the list is somewhere in my mind and, depending on the person, the situation, and the challenge, I’m more […]

Meet the educator elevating Vietnam’s schools to next level

“We have received numerous offers of lucrative sponsorship deals for Day va Hoc over the last two years but we have rejected them altogether or suggested that the sponsorship be publicly announced [to readers] or implied in articles,” Duc said.

EU freezes Mali training missions after military coup

Malian soldiers took power on August 18 after detaining President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and forcing his resignation. The coup led to celebration on the streets of the capital, Bamako, but Mali’s international partners voiced concern the fragile state may slide further into instability.