N-Power not solving Nigeria’s unemployment problem

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, unemployment rate rose steadily from 16.20 per cent in the second quarter, Q2, of 2017 to 23.13 per cent in the third quarter, Q3, of 2018. Going by the key indicators of rapid increase in unemployment rate, it is safe to admit that social programmes initiated by […]

5 Ways Kids Need Screens If You’re Not a Silicon Valley Exec

Visiting and communicating with family. Screens and technology are a great way to communicate with those you love. Sharing photos, sending texts, and creating family blogs are simple ways to share with family.  FaceTime, Skype, and other video chat are amazing tools for the elderly. My mother, who is in a nursing home, is ecstatic […]

The best Mac games (September 2020)

Into the Breach Few games are better for mouse-and-keyboard players than turn-based strategy, and Into the Breach is among the best the genre has ever seen. The small, simple environments you must defend against monsters don’t look like much at first glance, but Subset Games soon reveals the title to be a tense back-and-forth between […]

Microsoft, Non-Profits and employer partners launch program to increase employability for people with disabilities in Asia Pacific

To expand the talent pipeline for partners and connect job-seeking PwDs to tech roles, the program will also feature a virtual job fair, held at the end of second quarter of 2021, that brings together the Microsoft partners and NPOs. PwDs can use the opportunity to showcase their skills, experience from their job attachments and […]

Can New Education Policy boost tech adoption?

Technology in the hands of great educators can be a life-changer for students. It enables educators to grow beyond linear, textbook-based learning and engage students meaningfully. Educators can prepare meticulous lesson plans through a plethora of online resources and educational websites – to enhance virtual learning experiences. It also gives educators a breather from routine […]

Jacob Blake Protesters at Church Chant ‘Burn It Down’ If Justice Not Served

Rather, “burn it down” is sometimes used as a chant by social justice protesters to refer to corrupt or unjust systems of power rather than specific buildings. As Donna Zuckerberg, editor-in-chief of Eidolon, an online journal for scholarly writing, explained in an April 2019 article, the phrase is akin to “get rid of it” or […]

Jeevan Tiwari – Rising youngest digital entrepreneur

This young entrepreneur does not believe in stopping even during the pandemic situation and is definitely setting an example with his exceptional SEO and social media skills. He believes in taking advantage of every opportunity that showcases itself, to thrive, prosper in this field. He is among the most rising entrepreneurs in India and takes […]

Star Wars Squadrons Supports Throttle Controls On PS4, Xbox One

Frazier announced on Twitter that the HOTAS (throttle and joystick) support that was previously announced for PC will come to consoles, as well. In a follow-up, he thanked a number of specific EA Motive employees for “going above and beyond with a bunch of extra hours and problem-solving” to enable the feature. You can check […]

Merry woke-mas, kids! John Lewis reveals its ‘top ten’ toys for Christmas 2020 – including a £130 recycled scooter, a book on climate change heroes and emotional intelligence playing cards

Micro Recycled Scooter, £129.95: Designed by Swiss engineers, this three-wheel scooter is perfect for balance and stability for children starting out with their first scooter. Youngsters can build their confidence on the three wheeler which has been designed for a smooth ride, with no rattles or shaking. The lightweight scooter is also easy to carry around […]

Meet the educator elevating Vietnam’s schools to next level

Currently, translated content accounts for about 80 percent of the site, but in the long run, EdLab hopes to gradually increase the number of original articles sharing practical experience in Vietnam in order to better relate to its Vietnamese audience.