Schools: The New Normal | NYC Says 10 Will Not Open For Teachers Tuesday Due To Need For Ventilation Repairs

Staff that was set to return to these buildings Tuesday will work from home. If repairs aren’t made in time for the Sept. 21 start of school, the city says it’s looking for alternative space for learning.

Could unlocking the mystery of the mealworm’s gut help solve our plastic crisis?

It also showed that when eating polystyrene, the mealworms excreted a flame retardant that is sometimes added to the plastic. That meant the toxic chemical didn’t accumulate inside the mealworms, so it wouldn’t be passed up the food chain if they were used as a protein-rich food for livestock like chickens and pigs.

Left-Wing Author: We Need One Billion People to Fight China

The damage of mass migration include the dilution of political and workplace power by ordinary Americans, the civic and economic turmoil caused by chaotic diversity, and the shift of economic power and of real-estate wealth from innovative Americans to coastal corporations.

5 Ways Kids Need Screens If You’re Not a Silicon Valley Exec

Visiting and communicating with family. Screens and technology are a great way to communicate with those you love. Sharing photos, sending texts, and creating family blogs are simple ways to share with family.  FaceTime, Skype, and other video chat are amazing tools for the elderly. My mother, who is in a nursing home, is ecstatic […]

Why is there a problem with getting a test for Covid-19 in the UK?

Why has this happened now? The demand for testing has risen with the easing of lockdown restrictions, up 63% for first-time testers since mid-June. More people are mixing socially and coming into contact with each other as shops, gyms and cafes open and people return to school and work. On Sunday, the number of people […]

Climate change: Seven technology solutions that could help solve crisis

But according to the independent, statutory body the Committee on Climate Change, homes in the UK are “unfit” at the moment to meet the challenges posed by warming global temperatures and the need to reduce energy consumption. Newer, greener, electronic goods could be a good place to start.

Rural buildings need safety law

Regrettably, even more than 12 years after the Wenchuan earthquake, my suggestions have not drawn the attention of the authorities. A lot of buildings are constructed illegally in rurban areas of some prefecture-level cities in Central China, which local urban management officials turn a blind eye to. But whenever higher authorities launch inspections, the same […]

Kourtney Doesn’t Need “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Anymore

At the same time, Mason is now old enough to be on TikTok himself — he’s already pretty online, so it seems — which means Kourtney and her little family could be starting a new kind of fame dynasty. Instead of one born out of club appearances, paparazzi shots, and sex tapes, this one is […]

Agriculture 2.0: With drones, analytics and mobile apps, agri-tech startups are tackling India’s farming problems

Krishna Kumar founded CropIn after observing the agrarian crisis in several regions of Karnataka in 2010. As the global population swells and the demand for food products increase, CropIn attempts to optimise agricultural practices by minimising waste, developing climate resilience and advising the farmers with the aid of geotagging, satellite and weather inputs and farm […]

Microsoft admits there’s a serious problem with Windows 10

While it’s good that Microsoft has now acknowledged this problem, there isn’t an official fix at the moment, with the documentation just saying that “Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.”