Working people will pay the price for the Tories’ ideological pandemic response

This moment should not be allowed to pass without a recognition that the government had a choice. It could have carried on with the activist approach of the first few months. It could have said that no worker or business should be left to cope with the crisis on their own. It has chosen not […]

Report: Home builders ditch Nest products after Google takeover

This year, we finally started seeing results from Nest’s 2018 demotion from a standalone Alphabet company to a merger with Google. “Nest” is no longer a line of products developed by a company or division and now seems to be a general-purpose sub-brand for any of Google’s smart home devices. We’ve seen several existing product lines […]

‘100 per cent accurate’ antibody tests to tell millions of Britons if they have ALREADY had coronavirus ‘will be available in TWO WEEKS’ – as Boris Johnson plans primetime broadcast to unveil the nation’s route back to school and work

‘In the countryside you may only see five people a day, but in London if you could spend time with several hundreds of people a day such as seeing them on the underground. A lot of the variation is due to the fact R0 is greater in an area of higher population density.’

Google invests $450 million in ADT, gets exclusive hardware deal

A big shoutout in both press releases is given to ADT’s army of installers, which, for Google, will be one of the main business improvements. Smart home solutions, especially ones that want every door and window to be monitored, can involve purchasing and installing dozens of devices. The prospect of even planning for a system […]

Spider-Man 3 Release Date Delayed Again, Marvel Will Save It for Christmas 2021

The third Spider-Man movie has already had its release date pushed back once, and the new delay is only part of the domestic release calendar, leaving its international release in question. This signals that Hollywood studios are continuing to adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach to planning new releases, and it is likely that the […]

Will you buy 1 lakh

Here’s your chance to express your unconditional gratitude towards India’s soldiers defending the nation and our borders by buying rakhis from, which will ensure these rakhis reach Indian soldiers for Raksha Bandhan, and empathy for the artisans, who you can help, by buying their hand-made rakhis, earn Rs 5,000.

UK virus-tracing app switches to Apple-Google model

A spokeswoman for the Northern Ireland Executive added: “People in Northern Ireland already have access to a symptom checker and advice app called Covid-19 NI, which more than 50,000 have downloaded and use regularly. This helps people to improve access to information, particularly when they have been advised to self-isolate.”

‘Trump wants the election to be on November 3rd’: President’s campaign adviser denies Donald wants to delay the vote – despite suggesting it on Twitter days earlier

Yet many economists are talking about a different letter of the alphabet. Noting that the economy can’t fully recover until the pandemic is defeated or a vaccine is widely available, they envision a W-shaped scenario, in which a rebound in the current quarter would be followed by a sustained period of tepid growth or even […]


Net interest income (NII) for the first half grew to VND8.1 trillion, up 23 per cent from the same period last year. Net Fee and Commission Income (NFI) was VND2 trillion, posting 57 per cent year-on-year increase. NFI was 16.8 per cent of TOI as compared to 13.8 per cent in the first half of […]

Free lunch! Bosses lure bankers back where they can see them

LONDON (Reuters) – Investment banks in London are trying to tempt more staff into the office, laying on free food, Friday night drinks and other perks to lure bankers back where they can pass skills to others — and compliance departments can keep a closer eye on them.