Work From Home Is Here to Stay

This is the interruption that the Stanford University economist Nick Bloom hears several times a day as his 4-year-old daughter runs into his office and summons him to play by using his nickname. It’s just one of the myriad challenges that Bloom says makes working from home less than ideal at the moment. (Another challenge […]

Working parents are hitting a wall. Employers don’t want to lose them

The risk of losing good employees may become most acute when employers ask people to physically return to the workplace. To help with that transition, 86% of employers said they are offering or considering offering flexible hours, according to a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management. Seventy-one percent of them said they […]

Time slipping between your fingers? Try this simple hack to make the clock work for you

In the 1980s, while I was wasting countless hours playing video games, listening to my Walkman and riding my bike without a helmet, an entrepreneurial college student turned productivity expert named Francesco Cirillo came up with a time management method he named the Pomodoro Technique. The name is the Italian word for tomato, which is […]

Working parents are struggling right now. One company is trying to help by opening a daycare

During a meeting to discuss ways to help employees, the idea of opening a safe childcare facility was mentioned. Within eight days, parents were able to sign up for care. The facility, which is located a few blocks away from the research institute, opened in June, less than three weeks after the idea was first […]

Slack’s head of people: Why we’re embracing remote work for the long haul

Of course, we’re not just working from home—we’re working through a pandemic. Like all organizations, we’ve been plunged into the world’s biggest uncontrolled experiment. As Slack’s SVP of people, I’ve discovered some things that have worked surprisingly well that we’ll want to hang on to long after the pandemic is over. I’ve also learned things […]

Amazing Beauty Tips For Instant Glow On Your Face That Work

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Moisturised skin is glowing skin. Often times the reason behind our dull skin is dehydration. Dry and dehydrated skin becomes flaky and itchy. The imperfections of your skin are even more evident if you have dehydrated skin. No matter your skin type, your skin can be dehydrated. To keep your skin […]

Beirut blast heaps fresh crisis on city after years of devastation: How civil war, economic woes and now an explosion threatening food disruption heaps further woe on former ‘Paris of the East’

At the time of the blast, the Beirut silo held no more than 15,000 tonnes of wheat as some millers had unloaded cargoes directly because of a delay in issuing letters of credit for payment, Ahmed Hattit, the head of the wheat importers union, told the local Al-Akhbar newspaper.

Mother bursts into tears as BA cabin crew tells inquest how landing ‘took priority’ over using defibrillator to save her daughter, 15, who died after suffering allergic reaction to a Pret baguette

In heartbreaking evidence, her father also said that minutes after she died he cut off a lock of her hair and told her: ‘We would love her forever and never forget her’, the inquest at West London Coroner’s Court heard.

Mother demands answers from school after her allergic son, 13, died ‘because bullies flicked cheese into his face’

Just hours after Karan was taken to hospital on Wednesday, June 28, police arrested a fellow pupil at William Perkin Church of England High School after it became apparent that there had been an ‘incident which led to the boy coming into contact with the allergen’.

From an inflatable lounger to a blackout tent, five Amazon buys that will help make your camping trip more comfortable

One Amazon shopper described it as ‘comfort in a bag’. Another added: ‘They’re good for pretty much any terrain, I’ve even used it on the sea with a cold beer and they’re absolutely fantastic, would recommend for anyone even if it’s just for the garden.’