Multi-language website offers free picture books on COVID-19 for children of the world

“Scientific knowledge is integrated with literature, so children can read an interesting story and learn about science in a natural fashion,” Liu Lei, deputy editor in chief of Qingdao Publishing Group, said. “The themes may differ but the love is the same. These selected 11 books are bringing forward warmth to children of the world.”

Wednesday briefing: Tory revolt over Cummings piles pressure on PM

Others still have their eye on the ball too: “Rising Tory revolt over PM’s refusal to ditch Cummings”, says the Guardian. “Farce and furious” – the Mirror scoffs at Michael Gove who said he also sometimes uses the public roads to test his eyesight (bound to reassure the pedestrians of Surrey Heath). “Public backlash over […]

Russia Building Stealth Bomber That May Carry ‘Invincible’ Hypersonic Nuclear Missiles: Report

The source said that the production of the airframe will be handled by a plant run by the United Aircraft Corporation, an aerospace and defense corporation in which the government is the majority stakeholder. “Material shipping” for the project has now begun, the source added.

Vatican and Pope Francis Seek New Demon Exorcists

“The church is very clear on the rite of exorcism,” he told The Daily Beast after one of his spiritual cleansing sessions this week. First, the person requesting the exorcism must be seen by a physician to make sure the cause of the perceived possession is not mental illness. That, he says, is at the […]

The Priest Exposing Italy’s Child Porn Addicts

In recent years mostly men from all walks of life have been arrested for possession of child porn in Italy. One prelate was found with more than 100,000 files of child pornography on his computer in Vatican City. A schoolteacher in Puglia was found with almost as much on his. According to Italy’s Postal Police […]

Blood on Their Breasts, a Curse on Their Heads: The Juju Ritual Torturing Italy’s Sex Workers

A woman I met at the Abuja office of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) gave me a clue about how to contact Tokumbo after I asked for a way of reaching women who had been deported to Nigeria from Italy. It was difficult to reach her as she had […]

Jaguar Land Rover donate a fleet of cars to support NHS heroes during coronavirus crisis

British carmaker Jaguar and Land Rover has deployed 362 vehicles worldwide to support charities and frontline workers tackling coronavirus – and their latest drop saw them supply a fleet of Jaguars to the Help NHS Heroes campaign. The scheme is helping thousands of frontline NHS staff and carers by providing easy access to fresh food and […]

Oxford Covid-19 trial of Trump-backed hydroxychloroquine is CONTINUING – despite WHO chiefs suspending a global study on the anti-malaria drug after results showed it may raise the risk of death

Commenting on the announcement, Professor Trudie Lang, director of The Global Health Network, Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford, said: ‘The WHO temporarily halting the use of chloroquine in Covid-19 clinical trials highlights why we need to run carefully-designed clinical trials during outbreaks.

How the Bush administration sold the war – and we bought it

Rumors of a Niger-Iraq uranium deal had first surfaced in Rome in 2001, as documents purporting to be related to the sale of 500 metric tonnes of yellowcake (a lightly refined uranium ore) circulated in intelligence circles and among journalists. Those documents were later found to be forgeries, but by the time the charge made […]

Hypocrisy lies at the heart of the trial of Bradley Manning

On Monday Bradley Manning, the young man who leaked those diplomatic cables, goes on trial in a military court in Maryland. He has pleaded guilty to 10 charges which would put him behind bars for 20 years. But that is not enough for the US military that has levelled 22 charges against him, including espionage […]