Nixon, NASA, And How The Federal Government Got Design

“It boils down to individuals–for both good and bad [experiences],” Geismar says. He recalls one advocate in particular, Jack Masey, who worked closely with Geismar & Chermayeff on an 1960s exhibition for the United States Information Agency, and then on the visual identity for the American Revolution Bicentennial. He only learned later that Masey had […]

The Minecraft: Education Edition beta program will arrive in schools next month

Microsoft says in its blog post that the program will run in over 100 schools from 30 countries around the world. The plan is to get feedback from teachers so any issues can be ironed out before Minecraft: EE is released with an early access program in June, when it will be available in 11 […]

Fort Bend County Library offering virtual children’s event for September

The Toddler Time class offers children between one and three-years old fun theme-related craft activities that can be done at home. The class also includes a free to-go activity packet available for parents or guardians via curbside pickup by appointment. Toddler Time classes are offered on-demand via videos posted to the library website every Wednesday […]

Microsoft’s new Fluid Framework: Now it’s open-sourced on GitHub

The Fluid Framework repository has arrived on GitHub following Microsoft’s announcement at Build 2020 in May that the technology would be open-sourced and would first arrive as Fluid ‘components’ in the Outlook web app and The Fluid Framework was announced at Build 2019. 

HT Codeathon: Educators, students give thumbs up to coding drive

The ongoing pandemic situation is not seen as a deterrent by the educators or the pupils today. It is rather seen as an opportunity for exploring different avenues of learning. HT Codeathon is about nurturing the three C’s : creativity, cognitive skills and constructive learning. The meticulously designed learning videos allow students to learn at […]

A keen look at groundbreaking inventions in ICT

Programming languagesThe first is FORTRAN or Formula Translation, developed by John Backus and his team in 1957. This translated the binary language (0 and 1) of digital computers into everyday language that can be understood and used by all, using the IBM computers and later by other computers as well. (I remember how Prof. Rajaraman […]

New Raspberry Pi OS update: First 8GB Pi 4, now you get these latest features

Today’s Raspberry Pi 4 lineup is far more capable, featuring a 64-bit Broadcom chip that runs at 1.5GHz and RAM of 2GB, 4GB and as of last week 8GB. It’s also released a beta of the 64-bit version of Raspbian OS for developers who need all 8GB of memory for their applications.      

US paper says reporter was held in China’s Inner Mongolia

Just before the new school year started this week, authorities announced changes for Mongolian-medium schools. Literature classes for elementary and middle school students will switch to a national textbook and instruction in Mandarin Chinese, and some other courses would follow in the coming two years.

Australian TV host Cheng Lei detained in China without charge

China has detained Chinese-Australian novelist Yang Hengjun since January 2019, and charged him with espionage in March. Meanwhile, Australian Karm Gilespie was sentenced to death in China in June, seven years after he was arrested and charged with attempting to board an international flight with methamphetamine. Some critics have said the sentence was too severe and was […]

Iraq’s Pro-Iran Militia TV Active After US Seizes Website

“This is a disruptive cyber operation that will cause them a headache for sure,” said Dilshad Othman, a Washington-based cyber security expert, adding that KH could possibly register its website with a domain such as Iran-owned dot IR (.ir) to remain outside U.S. legal control.