Developers: These are the programming languages that pay the most

Issues around the supply and demand for ancient programming language skills came up during the US government’s attempt to roll out unemployment payments in unprecedented volumes this April because US state governments and the federal government couldn’t find enough COBOL developers to update the software underlying government systems. 

Developers: Getting ahead is about more than programming languages

For IT professionals keen to progress there are many different routes to the top, and each requires a particular set of talents. So what should you focus on if you want to move up? Where should IT professionals focus if they want to develop their careers and climb as high up the ladder as they […]

Why R programming language is gaining ground among developers

R also provides more optimisation algorithms, which are used to find the most optimum solution. For one algorithm in Python or Java, there could be at least 30 variations of the same optimisation algorithm in R. “That is because people who developed it have done it for a specific purpose, and it involves a lot […]

Python programming: Microsoft’s latest beginners’ course looks at developing for NASA projects

Artificial Intelligence Why aren’t people smarter? The dubious benefits of intelligence, real or artificial AI has a big data problem. Here’s how to fix it What is AI? Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence Best telepresence robots in 2020: Double Robotics, Meeting Owl, and more Enhancing robotic process automation with AI (ZDNet YouTube) […]

Ranking every Power 5 job: Nos. 45-36

36. Mississippi State Even the lowest-ranked program in the SEC West has received a“Saban effect” trickle-down, with millions in facilities and salaries allocated in an effort to compete with Alabama. Former AD Scott Stricklin, now at Florida, deserves a great deal of credit for getting the money – and building projects – raised.

AWS introduces Bottlerocket: A Rust language-oriented Linux for containers

Bottlerocket also improved its security by using Device-mapper’s verity target. This is a Linux kernel feature that provides integrity checking to help prevent attackers from overwriting core system software or other rootkit type attacks. It also includes the extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF), In Linux, eBPF is used for safe and efficient kernel function monitoring.

First Vietnamese university ranked among world’s top 1,000

In July 2018, the High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES) recognised the university as being compliant with French and European standards for universities. This accreditation has been granted for a five-year term, from July 2018 to July 2023./.

How China’s new language policy sparked rare backlash in Inner Mongolia

For decades, Inner Mongolia’s model of bilingual education has allowed Mongolian to be used as the language of instruction and Mandarin taught as a subject. In ethnic minority schools, students used to receive their first Mandarin lesson in the third year of elementary school, but since at least the 1990s, it has started earlier, in […]

Every Francis Ford Coppola Movie, Ranked

4. Apocalypse Now (1979) Heart of Darkness into a potent metaphor for the carnage and madness of the Vietnam War, Coppola wound up taking the same journey downstream, turning his production into a 16-month quagmire in the Philippines. Coppola’s famous quote about the finished film (“Apocalypse Now is not about Vietnam. It is Vietnam.”) opened […]

2020 College Football Preview, Top 20 Preseason Ranking and CFP Prediction

These predictions don’t equate to rankings of the teams at the beginning of the season, but rather where they will end up at the the end of the season. The three Power 5 conferences will eliminate themselves through attrition of their schedules, and a team like Cincinnati can make it with one or no losses.