Tough choices for Chinese students

Fu decided to stay in London. Many other students from China have also chosen to remain in the countries where they are studying. Their reasons include a desire to continue their studies, the risk of becoming infected on a flight and difficulty in obtaining air tickets.

False: MCI has not said MBBS students will be recruited to fight COVID-19

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Coronavirus pandemic leaves Australia’s international students ‘stranded’, struggling to buy food

“India is completely locked down, from last week there was a surge in cases in my place and the State Government has put strict rules, even for supermarkets, all the banks and everything has been closed,” he said.

Harvard Adopts ‘Emergency Grading’ System Demanded by Students

Harvard University announced this week that it will adopt an “emergency grading system” that will force all professors to grade their students by a “pass/fail” standard. Harvard is one of many universities around the country that have adjusted their grading policies in response to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. The Ivy League institution made the change […]

Limit on new student numbers may be set to help universities in England

Geoff Barton, the general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, voiced concern. “We cannot have a situation in which year 13 students are disadvantaged, particularly given that these young people have already faced the uncertainty and anxiety of their exams being cancelled,” he said. “We understand the pressures on the higher education […]

Harvard Professors: We Should Trust Students Not to Cheat

“In International Relations, when people talk about arms control, they sometimes say ‘Trust but verify.’ The same applies here,” said the professor. “We have to trust the students, and the online exam tools give us a partial way to monitor things.”

COVID-19 Lockdown: Abiodun gives food items to stranded students

Others stayed behind to tend their personal farms which the school authority gave them the avenue to develop their classroom knowledge through experimental skills while some were part-time students doing the job of Sheriff Deputies on the campus to sponsor their education.

Most Students Who Attend For-Profit Colleges Make Less Money After They Leave

For-profit colleges aren’t all literal bait-and-switch schemes like the predatory nightmare known as Trump University. But most appear to be figurative con jobs nonetheless. The core promise of every for-profit school is that it can provide students with a means of spending and studying their way to greater prosperity. But a new working paper from […]

The Nicaraguan students who became reluctant rebels: ‘I’m no longer the same’

Costa said the decision to shun violence was not simply about being “good people”: “It’s a political calculation. We know that if we respond to the government’s violence with violence, our whole agenda will fall away. Rationally, we know violence would hurt us more than it would help us.”

Study: 76% of Leftist Students Believe Jokes Can Be Hate Speech

According to a report by the College Fix, a new survey suggests that 76 percent of leftist students believe that jokes can be “hate speech.” The survey revealed that Democratic students think it is appropriate to place restrictions on offensive comedy.