Hong Kong Business People Set their Sights on America

HONG KONG – Hong Kong’s reputation as a haven for freewheeling business has steadily eroded since the territory was handed over to China from Britain in 1997. As anti-government protestors step up demands for democracy, and with demonstrations becoming more violent, however, the business environment is getting worse.

How China’s influence is changing Hong Kong protests

Space for protest shrinking The national security law has started to affect how far people are willing to go in criticizing Hong Kong’s government, whether it is stores removing protest materials, self-censorship on social media or the reduced scale of protests.

Hong Kong residents arrested at sea ‘will have to be dealt with’ by mainland China: Lam

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Twelve people from Hong Kong arrested as they reportedly sailed to Taiwan for political asylum will “have to be dealt with” by mainland China, but the city government would try to provide assistance, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Tuesday.

Hong Kong police defend tackling 12-year-old girl to the ground

Hundreds of protesters have been rounded up since protests first erupted last year, sparked by a proposed law that would have weakened the region’s independent judiciary. After months of protests, China imposed the sweeping new law, which critics say goes much further than the legislation that sparked the unrest in the first place.

Bottled water company founder is China’s third-richest man after another blockbuster Hong Kong IPO

Fund flows from mainland China were particularly strong. For the first eight months, net flows from China to Hong Kong stocks via the Hong Kong Stock Exchange surged to more than $55 billion, up nearly 190% from a year ago, according to estimates by China Galaxy Securities.

Hong Kong police criticized after video shows officers tackle 12-year-old girl

The U.S. and many other Western nations have said the new law effectively removes the semi-autonomy Hong Kong had enjoyed from Beijing since the province was returned to China in the late 1990s, after decades of British rule. The U.S. has imposed sanctions on senior Chinese officials in response, including on Hong Kong’s leader Carrie […]

Shocking moment 12-year-old girl out buying art supplies is wrestled to the ground by Hong Kong riot police after they saw her ‘running in a suspicious manner’ during protest

Hong Kong police later confirmed the rough arrest of the young girl in a statement, claiming that she had run ‘in a suspicious manner’ and officers had used ‘minimum necessary force’ to apprehend her.

Hong Kong protest graffiti aimed at Chinese President Xi Jinping is ‘blurred out’ on Google’s Street View Map ‘due to an an algorithm error’

This photo taken on October 7, 2019 shows a man pushing a cart past a wall covered in anti-government graffiti in Hong Kong. A representative for the search engine giant claimed that the incident was caused by technical difficulties, according to Hong Kong Free Press

Hong Kong director describes ‘fantastic struggle’ to make new film

    “I think it’s better for me not to comment too much on the situation itself because this film is invested by Chinese companies and they have allowed us to shoot this movie with immense moral complexity and it has passed censorship with very minor cuts,” Hui said.

China Accuses Top UN Human Rights Official of Violating UN Charter After Hong Kong Law Remarks

Her calls came amid the United States expressing expectations for China to review its policy on Hong Kong in the upcoming two weeks, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reminded Friday that it was made clear that if the legislation is passed, Hong Kong may be treated as “just another piece of mainland China”. During […]