How To Organize Every Inch Of Your Home

It’s time to clear that giant stack of unread magazines off your living room coffee table and move it into this top-rated storage ottoman. (You’ll get to them one day, we promise.) The sturdy, versatile design makes this ottoman a great accent piece, and the collapsible frame allows you to fold the ottoman flat when […]

Cure your boredom with 9 nostalgia-inducing Disney+ shows and movies

M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E: The Mickey Mouse Club Stone by day, warriors by night: Gargoyles Explore the paranormal: So Weird Quarantine love story: Sleeping Beauty Alexa takes over: Smart House My supernova girl: Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century Let’s get down to business: Mulan Friends ’til the end: Boy Meets World A classic retold: Treasure Planet M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E: […]

Maren Morris had an emergency C-section after 30 hours of labor with son Hayes… as singer describes eerily quiet maternity ward due to pandemic

She also shared how grateful she and her husband are for the medical staff who helped deliver their son. Maren wrote: ‘The admiration we have for the doctors, nurses + healthcare professionals that took care of Hayes & me during our stay cannot be measured in this post.

Coronavirus: Gyms and fitness stars offering at-home workouts

“Take a few minutes to pause and take some long, slow and deliberate breaths. Breath in through the nose for a count of eight. Then hold the breath for a count of eight and then release the breath out through the mouth for another count of eight. Repeat this three times.”

Couples having a working-from-home revelation: That’s what you do all day?

Expressing those needs is more important now than ever, especially since people in cities are living on top of one another with little space for physical and mental alone time. Johnson recommended, even if it doesn’t sound sexy, setting up a weekly meeting with your partner to take a look at the week ahead – who […]

4 test positive for virus at care home whose resident died

A provider at Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin has tested positive for the coronavirus, the hospital said Friday. The employee had interacted with a small group of patients and staff before getting symptoms and has been in self-isolation since, the medical center said. Contacts have been notified of possible exposure and told to self-quarantine […]

Home, shanti, home: Exercising ins and outs of isolation

With over three billion people worldwide confined to their homes because of the coronavirus pandemic, home work has acquired a connotation very different from the one associated with one’s classroom years. But necessity — or, in this case, domesticity — is the mother of invention, and people are ensuring that home is not just where […]

Maine delays tax deadline, steps up help for nursing homes

Maine is the only state in the country with a significant fishery for baby eels, which are called elvers. The eels are often worth more than $2,000 per pound and the harvest takes place in rivers and streams every spring. Maine marine resources commissioner Patrick Keliher delayed the start of this year’s fishery, scheduled to […]

ASHA: Ten Ways Children With Language Disorders Can Maintain Both Physical Distance and Social Connection During the Coronavirus Pandemic

4.    Being with friends and family. The importance of communicating with friends and extended family during this time cannot be understated. Children with language disorders may find phone and FaceTime/Zoom communication more challenging than others. Parents can practice conversations in advance and can suggest topics and related responses (e.g., making comparisons between the weather in different […]

More family time and exercise — the benefits of working from home during the coronavirus pandemic

“There are lots of benefits, not having to commute to work, being able to manage your work and life responsibilities better, being less stressed, having greater wellbeing,” Assistant Professor Sander said.