Stars of “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” unite for online performance during pandemic

“So many of us aren’t doctors and nurses and can’t be on the front lines, and want to support those people as much as we can,” Howland said. “And one of the things we know how to do is share our gifts and try to spread a little joy and lift up some hearts.” 

Countess whose Russian oligarch ex was known as ‘Putin’s banker’ admits she ‘lost herself’ in the ‘vulgar’ life of private jets and no-limit shopping and says she now lives in fear of eviction after he cut off her and their children

She said she does plan to tell her children about their father in the future, revealing: ‘I’m going to say that he needs to sort out the situation that he’s in, and maybe when you’re older you can go find him yourself. And it’s not your fault.’ 

Easter traditions: public violence, or magic of life?

Gradually, in cities these traditions are rather rare to be found, she added, especially in the biggest ones like the capital, and if observed, mostly in families. While in villages, men used to tour all the houses consecutively. “However, in smaller towns, mainly in eastern Slovakia but also in villages elsewhere, folklore ensembles appear which […]

Grief turns to anger: Widower of Ruby Princess cruise ship passenger bursts into tears as he recalls his last moments with the ‘love of his life’ – and sheds alarming new light on lax health measures

How a midnight phone call that led to coronavirus-stricken Ruby Princess cruise being able to dock in Sydney Harbour in the dark The doomed Ruby Princess cruise ship was set to be stopped from entering Sydney Harbour until a last minute backflip by port authorities, leaked phone calls reveal.

Divorced mother-of-two marries plate-smashing Greek waiter who she danced with at her FIRST wedding as she insists she’s been waiting for him ‘her entire life’

They would write letters to one another and take their first holiday together to Athens before Fred surprised Natalie by turning up on her doorstep with a bunch of flowers. They are pictured following their wedding last month

COVID-19 ravages economy of central Việt Nam

Bình Sơn Refinery and petrochemical company – a major breadwinner for the provincial budget – saw its sales fall 30 to 40 per cent. Textile and wood-chip processing and export companies delayed production as material imports from China ceased.

James Charles Defends Controversial ‘Mugshot’ Makeup Look: ‘Nothing to Do with Domestic Violence’

One fan explained in a Tweet why the “mugshot challenge” trend is so problematic. “I don’t understand why this would be a trend. I love James but it’s not fun having your face bruised and not being able to cover them up. Maybe I’m being too sensitive but this made me feel really uncomfortable because […]

An American woman wearing a Chinese dress is not cultural appropriation

At least Keziah wasn’t tip-toeing around to mimic bound feet in a play set a millennium before foot-binding became a thing in China, as in perhaps the most absurd example of cultural appropriation I’ve witnessed. In More Light at London’s Arcola theatre several years ago, seven white actresses played Chinese concubines buried alive (allegedly) with […]

This means war: why the fashion headdress must be stopped

The coverage the festival’s policy has received is as revealing as the decision itself. Last summer, another Canadian festival, Tall Trees, imposed a similar ban, but it did not become international news. The Bass Coast prohibition arrives just as the headdress issue is approaching a tipping point. Last month, Pharrell Williams swiftly apologised for agreeing […]

Hanoi struggles to repair damaged ancient buildings

Dong Thanh Temple in Hoan Kiem District after being restored. A policy called xa hoi hoa (socialisation) has secured support from organisations and individuals to repair many of the damaged ancient buildings in the city. According to the city’s cultural department, almost all of the residents of areas with relic sites have taken an interest […]