Huawei decision is a sensible compromise but could still anger US

The fact is that ministers have to balance two realities: that Huawei kit is cheaper and more advanced, against a more notional risk that China will exploit Huawei for global surveillance. There is no doubt that China would have the capability to try, if not now then in the future; the question becomes whether it […]

Union Budget 2020: Focus should be on-demand revival and job creation via auto industry

The auto manufacturing and allied industry have endured one of the most challenging times in 2019 and is looking towards the year 2020 for a revival.In this context, the industry needs a multi-facet budgetary intervention to jumpstart the demand and revive job creation in the sector.The first aspect pertains to the future of mobility and […]

S.F. is at the center of a booming business in tiny satellites

The same mobile phone technologies, such as processing chips and sensors, that have upended the consumer world have also made it cheaper and quicker to build CubeSats. So it’s less financially catastrophic if the rockets that launch them into space fail. (The Facebook-backed satellite that blew up this month at a prelaunch SpaceX rocket test […]

Northeastern to open $100M research center in Portland

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A Maine native is donating $100 million to Northeastern University to establish a graduate school and research center in Portland in hopes of transforming the city into a technology hub and sparking economic growth, officials said Monday.

Boeing’s suspension of 737 Max production rattles airline industry

CFM International, a joint venture between France’s Safran and General Electric that supplies engines to the Max, will also be hit by the shutdown. The Max’s problems are expected to badly affect GE. When Boeing cut monthly production of the plane to 42 from 52 in April, GE suffered a $400m quarterly reduction in cash […]

Delta Electronics Opens New E-Mobility Tech Experience Center

Delta Electronics has set up its new electric mobility and tech experience center in India to develop new charging infrastructure in India. Delta Electronics India has also introduced its next generation charging solutions- the DC city charger and AC Max that will cater to the need of efficient public charging infrastructure. MG Motor has also […]

Domestic firms pick up on Industry 4.0

Do Cao Bao, head of the tech giant FPT’s Personnel Committee noted that in order to keep up with Industry 4.0, countries, including Vietnam should keep pace with ever-changing technologies while defining local advantages and understanding its market to create products suitable for tastes, not for manufacturers, thus helping them make deeper penetration into their […]

iSON Technologies appoints Rahul Srivastava AS CEO

Commenting on his appointment, Rahul Srivastava said; ‘It gives me great pleasure to be part of the iSON team and I am happy to be serving in this capacity. My entire career has specifically prepared me for this role and I look forward to further strengthening iSON’s presence across the region. There is remarkable potential […]

Opinion: Why this budget is critical for the auto industry?

Vinodkumar RamachandranAs the new year unfolds, the Indian auto industry is in the throes of a downturn. In such a scenario, ramifications abound for the broader economy as the industry is estimated to employ around 35 million people, directly or indirectly, and contribute more than 7 per cent to the country’s GDP. A rough ride […]

UNILAG: Adeboye/Okoya prize to stimulate industrial revolution in young Africans – Prof Okoya

According to him, “among the greatest assets we have in Nigeria is our large youth population, but only an appropriate investment in them; in Intellectual, Technical values and Deep thinking Skills can make us get the best of this opportunity of large number young people. I am using the Award to Inspire an interest in […]