Mass School Shootings More Likely to Be Blamed on Video Games When the Perpetrator Is White: ‘A Racial Issue’

“In fact, research done by numerous scholars from psychology, communication, criminology, sociology, and economics examining such violence have found that when people are consuming violent video games, societal violence decreases. Despite this, the media, politicians, and even some scholars—who should really know better—often link school shootings to video games. The current study was conducted to […]

NYT reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones says now-deleted fireworks tweet was ‘irresponsible,’ beneath her own standards

“I should not have retweeted that tweet thread. I was curious about what other people thought of it as I have seen lots of comments on the unusual nature of fireworks this year, but I did not make that clear. That was an irresponsible use of my platform and beneath my own standards, which is […]

Russia Is Using Undercover Racists to Exploit Africa’s Anti-Racist Political Revolt

While the Prigozhin network has, true to form, utilized a vast web of fake Facebook and WhatsApp accounts to promote Russian interests, AFRIC has rather more substantial support from a number of pre-existing media networks. Two of the most prominent are Radio Revolution Panafricaine (or 2RP) and Afrique Media, which helped organize the conference where […]

Lewis Hamilton’s hope in the global fight against racism

Mercedes praise Lewis Hamilton for speaking outIn his latest post on Instagram, Hamilton wrote: “We must unite! I have wondered why 2020 seemed so doomed from the start but I’m starting to believe that 2020 may just be the most important year of our lives, where we can finally start to change the systemic and […]

University of Wisconsin-Madison restricts students’ movement for the next two weeks as Covid-19 cases rise

Data from the university’s on-campus testing showed a 22.5% positive rate on Monday, compared to a seven-day average of 5.7%. That’s despite the small number of test results returned over the holiday weekend. Out of the 93 student test results reported on Monday, 21 were positive.

If Trump wants to shift focus from COVID, he needs to calm the anxiety over it

These are admirable aims, but having stumbled on their approach to the pandemic, is the administration once again seeking a public relations distraction? Such a contract does not help defeat the virus or even protect vulnerable men and women from the illness when 190,000 have died in this country, with its disproportionate effect on people […]

Retired police chief took his own life after coronavirus quarantine made him ‘paranoid and neurotic’, inquest told

Jim joined the police at 18 working for the Metropolitan Police, then as head of CID in Exeter and as Plymouth Police Commander before returning to the Metropolitan Police for a promotion.

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) 2020: Recognising Symptoms Of Suicidal Behavior

Do not be afraid to ask if he or she is sad, discouraged and/or thinking about suicide. Ask if he or she is seeing a therapist or taking medication. In some cases, the person needs to know that someone cares and is looking for the chance to talk about his or her feelings. Do not […]

Police chief with suspected COVID-19 killed himself while quarantining in the guest house in his family’s garden to protect his wife and children from virus

Max said his father ‘did not have any mental health issues’ before contracting what was believed to be coronavirus, but since he had begun to self-isolate ‘he had become increasingly unstable – he had become paranoid, anxious, reclusive and at the best of his ability, given his situation, controlling’.

USC professor under fire after using Chinese expression students allege sounds like English slur

“Professor Greg Patton repeated several times a Chinese word that sounds very similar to a vile racial slur in English,” said Garrett in the email. “Understandably, this caused great pain and upset among students, and for that I am deeply sorry. It is simply unacceptable for faculty to use words in class that can marginalize, […]