Los Angeles Prosecutes Four Shops For Criminal Violations Of The ‘Safer At Home’ Program

The Safer At Home orders are in effect until April 19. Violations of either the city or county order can be enforced as a misdemeanor and punishable by fines and imprisonment. In addition, the Dept. of Water and Power will cut off service to the premises of non-compliant businesses.

Alexa, how’s the smart home revolution doing? As it turns out, just fine

Parks’ research on factors influencing consumer purchasing decisions found that the most important consideration, cited by nearly two-thirds (64%) of those surveyed, was whether a product worked with a buyer’s existing voice-enabled smart speaker. Good reviews came in second at 61%, and brand considerations were generally lower.

TV Guide: Latest listing changes across free to air networks in Australia

* For more TV listings, see your Sunday Herald Sun newspaper or download today’s digital print edition (subscribers only).

Budget hotel chain FabHotels eyeing 30% revenue growth through loyalty program

MUMBAI: Budget hotels chain Fab Hotels is eyeing a revenue growth of 30% as it launches a loyalty program to increase its base of regular customers. The company wants to capitalise on the growing volume of millennials that make up a significant portion of the workforce today and travel regularly for business and reward loyal […]

Fit and fine: Burn fat even when working out at home

Since you are not using too much weight and we want to create a conditioning effect, focus is on doing lots of repetitions. Start with doing 5 sets of 20 reps for the Swing while alternating with 5 reps of the Get Up on each side. Repetitions can be increased from 20 to 50 as […]

The Invisible Man, Emma and Bloodshot added to list of early release digital movies, joining Birds of Prey, Motherless Brooklyn

The other early release titles are Edward Norton movie Motherless Brooklyn, Ben Affleck addiction drama The Way Back (April 15), Clint Eastwood true-life drama Richard Jewell, death row drama Just Mercy, Guy Ritchie gangster movie action The Gentlemen, war epic Midway and Australian family movie Go!

Amidst lockdown Mizoram takes to home fitness programme

GUWAHATI: In order to ensure that universal fitness programme reaches all the homes even during Lockdown, Mizoram government has undertaken motivation drives with a clear message for implementation of Home Fitness Programme within the state. In a statement the state government stated, “FitMizoram Movement was launched on 22/3/2019;five months before the launch of FitIndia Movement […]

Coronavirus Australia: Hostels open but backpackers asked to go home

“We have had a small number of cases in that community where there aren’t obvious links, but a plausible explanation is they have come into contact with an infected backpacker before that backpacker was aware they had COVID-19.”

VN gov’t issues instructions on implementation of stay-at-home order

Banks, treasury offices, stock trading floors, and other services directly related to banking activities and businesses – notaries, lawyering, registration, or secured transactions – are also allowed to open. Post offices, logistics services, funeral services and healthcare services can also still operate.

How to Write an Apple II BASIC Program in Your Web Browser

The Apple II was a stunning breakout success for Apple. Over the course of its approximate 16-year lifespan (it was discontinued in 1993), the Apple II platform hosted seven versions of Wozniak’s original computer design. A typical Apple II computer came equipped with 48 or 64 KB of RAM, and a 1.022 MHz 6502 CPU. […]