In SF and across the Bay Area, officials enlist public buildings in fight against the coronavirus

By far the most visible and active public space already in use for the city’s coronavirus response has been Moscone Center South. Since March 16, the conference center, bereft of conferences or business gatherings, has been transformed into the city’s emergency operations center, the central hub for San Francisco’s response to the pandemic.

With Coronavirus Making Medical Safety Gear Scarce, The Public Is Stepping Up. Here’s How To Help

Among other donations, IBM contributed 15,000 masks to Santa Clara County’s public hospitals, Wilder said. Over the weekend, Apple pledged to donate millions of masks to hospitals, and Pacific Gas & Electric said it would donate 950,000 masks. Nationally, some dentists who are closing their offices have dropped boxes of masks and gloves at local […]

More Shapiro: ‘I’m taking that program down to Chinatown’

An official from the school declared they could “punch holes” in Shapiro’s story if he were to testify under oath. UM already suspended eight players last season for at least one game due to their connection with Shapiro; the former booster now claims he provided impermissible benefits to 114 current and former athletes, not just the […]

Coronavirus Australia: The places hiring sacked Aussies right now

“We’ve embarked on an extensive training program, and we are in the process of recruiting,” Services Australia general manager Mr Hank Jongen said. He added IT staff have been working “24/7” to build the new system that lets you register your intent to apply.

Texas ambulance provider to do coronavirus testing at homes

The Tarrant County Public Health Department will provide MedStar with testing kits. Paramedics will go to a resident’s home, take a swab and deliver that to the health department, which will do the testing. The home testing visits are expected to last about 30 minutes, Zavadsky said.

Governor shutters Pennsylvania schools for at least 2 weeks

Most of the state’s 41 cases of positive tests are in eastern Pennsylvania. Hardest hit is Montgomery County, with 18 cases. Cases announced Friday included the first two children under 18. Chester County saw its first case, as did two counties west of the Susquehanna River: Cumberland County with three and Washington County with one.

From closed beaches to shuttered businesses, here’s what you can’t do this weekend

Long Beach: Basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, dog parks, playgrounds, skate parks, picnic areas are closed and group exercise in parks is banned. Parking lots at city-owned parks and beaches will be closed through April 19. The city’s Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier also will be inaccessible during that time.

Italy Decrees Going to Church Is Not a Valid Reason for Leaving Home

Church is not considered an essential activity, and, therefore, leaving one’s residence is not permitted, the Ministry said. Stopping at a church may only take place when one is away from home for proven work needs or situations of necessity and the church is located along the route. If stopped by a police officer, the […]

Journalist Dean Borg, who hosted ‘Iowa Press,’ dies at 81

Borg appeared on “Iowa Press,” which airs on Friday evenings, from its debut in 1971 until his retirement as moderator in January 2017. He kept working for Iowa Public Radio, which he joined in 2000 as an Iowa City-based correspondent, until his death.

‘They Don’t Listen’: France Helps Migrants But Forgets About Its Own Homeless

In a letter to the Minister Groupe de Secours Catastrophe Français (GSCF), a public association helping homeless people, protested against the proposal, insisting that, instead of prioritizing help to migrants, the government should launch a program to help those who accommodate homeless people.