How Newcastle has become UK’s drugs death capital – with Spice ‘zombies’, gun-toting gangs & 90% spike in tragedies

Mark Tunney, co-founder of the Jigsaw Recovery Project, helping young people transition out of foster care, told me locals were now scared of the gangs. He said youths with guns worked for local crime families, adding: “It does my f***ing head in. It’s the area I live in, I know all the families, I used […]

Coronavirus bill has cost UK government £210bn, spending watchdog says

Equivalent to almost a quarter of the government’s annual budget for running the public sector, making welfare payments and investing in infrastructure, the £210bn sum, the NAO said, was the office’s latest cost-estimate of the government response.

New car sales rise in UK after coronavirus lockdown decline

The same factor has also driven sales of plug-in hybrids – which combine a battery and an internal combustion engine – to quadruple in July compared with 2019. The share of petrol versions of so-called mild hybrids, which have a much smaller battery, tripled year-on-year in July.

The EU needs the UK at its heart – but you need us too

I firmly reject those who claim that Europe’s continued decline is inevitable. But I also believe that only by changing course now can we ensure our future and regain trust in the eyes of voters. What needs to change? Some 5.5 million young Europeans (nearly a quarter of all Europe’s youth and more than half […]

True scale of Britain’s jobs bloodbath revealed: Thousands of firms planned more than 300,000 redundancies in June and July as coronavirus pandemic ravaged workplaces

September 4 – Virgin Atlantic – 1,150   September 3 – Costa – 1,650  September 2 – Heathrow – 1,200 August 27 – Pret a Manger – 2,800 (includes 1,000 announced on July 6) August 26 – Gatwick Airport – 600  August 25 – Co-operative bank – 350  August 20 – Alexander Dennis – 650  August […]

UK’s economic recovery from Covid-19 crisis continues

Although staging a rapid recovery in recent months, concerns are mounting that Britain’s economic fightback from the crisis could falter as job losses rise and demand for goods and services remains depressed while risks to public health from the coronavirus crisis remain.

UK pubs and clubs ‘would not survive increased Covid rules’

The British Beer and Pub Association called for a sector-specific furlough scheme beyond October as well as extended VAT cuts, business rate relief and a cut to beer duty, which the chief executive, Emma McClarkin, said “remains punitively high”.

UK car dealership motors out of virus lockdown

Car dealerships in England finally reopened as the UK government relaxed COVID-19 measures that had slammed the brakes on the industry and helped send the economy into reverse.”When we reopened it was quite refreshing and pleasing,” Nick Locke, manager of the Chingford dealership, told AFP on Thursday, against a backdrop of sparkling brand new vehicles.Sector […]

‘It’s much safer here than at home’: Fuming Britons blast surprise quarantine on seven Greek islands as mad scramble begins to return to the UK by 4AM tomorrow and TUI and Jet2 cancel holidays

‘For months, even when the virus was at its peak, millions of passengers were coming from all over the world without any restrictions placed upon them at all. By the time restrictions were introduced, we were one of only a handful of countries in the world who up to that point had failed to take […]

Bombshell MPs’ report accuses Russia of trying to interfere in Scottish referendum, demands probe into whether it tried to rig Brexit vote and says Britain is failing to combat Putin’s army of oligarchs, hackers, hitmen and paid British agents

It denied there was a need for an inquiry into Russian interference in the 29016 Brexit referendum, with a spokesman saying: ’Where new information emerges, the Government will always consider the most appropriate use of any intelligence it develops or receives, including whether it is appropriate to make this public. Given this long standing approach, a retrospective […]