Three ways to keep communities moving forward

As a nation, we continue to work very hard to shut down the physical effects of this virus. But as we make an effort to combat the physical effects, we can’t let our economy be shut down at the same time. The economic health of local communities during this pandemic is essential for the success […]

California aims to tamp down coronavirus hot spots in hard-hit Central Valley

Roughly 7,000 people are hospitalized with COVID-19 in California, including about 2,000 in intensive care units. That number may be artificially low due to several hospitals in Los Angeles County — the largest in the state by far — not reporting over the past few days, authorities there said.

An agenda for India’s New Deal to fix the Covid-infected economy | Opinion

Our country is known for its pathetic infrastructure facility across all sectors. It is unfortunate that the highways which should not cost more than Rs 15 crore for a kilometre of a six-lane road are being built at the rate of Rs 60 to Rs 70 crore per kilometre. Through a “National Infrastructure Development Programme”, […]