‘Sleeves For Support’: McDonald’s Selling Coca-Cola Insulated Beverage Sleeves To Support Local Ronald McDonald Houses

“This is just helping to generate some additional funds without having to traffic in our dining areas,” Derek Giacomanto, an owner of a McDonalds in Frankford, said. “We’re just trying to find ways to supplement the Ronald McDonald House. Part of these proceeds for the $5 will go directly to our Ronald McDonald House charities […]

Coca-Cola plans to take 22 promo winners to Russia

He also said that the company will be giving seven tickets to teenagers between the ages of 13 and 16 who will be flagbearers as well as engage in the coin tossing program in Russia 2018 while 15 tickets will be won by individuals who are 21 years old and above.

Uber Eats hosts ‘Future of Food’ summit to support F&B industry

Platform for on-demand food delivery, Uber Eats’ in its first-ever Future of Food Summit, has announced several new business metrics.According to the company, Asia-Pacific is one of the fastest growing regions for Uber Eats globally. The number of restaurant partners on Eats in the region has more than doubled since the start of 2019. The […]

More than 1,000 companies boycotted Facebook. Did it produce any noticeable results?

The advertiser boycott of Facebook took a toll on the social media giant, but it may have caused more damage to the company’s reputation than to its bottom line.The boycott, called #StopHateForProfit by the civil rights groups that organized it, urged companies to stop paying for ads on Facebook in July to protest the platform’s […]

Bhojpuri bombshell Monalisa sizzles on ‘Coco Cola’ song – Watch photoshoot video

The actress has had the opportunity of working with almost all the Bhojpuri big shots in her movie career. In ‘Nazar’, she played an evil force named Mohana. And received immense adulation for her work on TV. Monalisa was seen this year in ‘Nazar 2’ as Madhulika Chaudhary. She sure knows how to keep her […]

These are the restaurants that have closed permanently in July

Known for its popular tacro, a meat-filled pastry that is a cross between a croissant and taco, Vive La Tarte made the decision to shutter its Ferry Building location, the owners told The Chronicle. Vive La Tarte’s two other locations, in Noe Valley and SoMa, remain in operation. San Francisco Chronicle

ETCFO Leadership Summit: Adapting to the Covid-led changes , are you?

ETCFO is hosting a virtual leadership summit to connect with you in the midst of this crisis and spark discussions that would give you perspective, and support your organisation in gearing up and moving forward.It is for this reason that we have gathered pioneers from across the industry who have the experience, expertise and wisdom […]

Rejecting our “Primal Blueprint”: The Costs are High

Our jaws have been shrinking for centuries due to modernization, industrialization, food processing and more. Another reason our jaws are shrinking is because many of us, unlike our ancestors, do not breastfeed our children. Breastfeeding, it turns out, is very foundational to facial development. Breastfeeding trains the tongue to posture properly in the mouth and […]

The ‘Sweat’ you drink: Inside the meteoric rise of Asia’s answer to Gatorade

Otsuka had exported its IV solutions to Japan’s neighbors since the 1960s, so it made sense to ship them to locations near Japan rather than to send them via air freight to America. Besides, the company didn’t want to pay for expensive supermarket shelf space in the US.