Huge 10ft Bloated-Belly Python Killed in India on Suspicion of Swallowing Baby – Video

A police probe has been ordered into an incident in India’s Uttar Pradesh State after a 10-fee python swallowed a deer and was killed. Local villagers thrashed and dragged it around suspecting it to have gulped down a baby.

Seven-Foot Python Found ‘Snuggled Up’ on Electric Blanket in Child’s Bed

Steven Brown, a snake catcher from Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation, said: “[The snakes] had come crashing through the customers ceiling in the kitchen. One snake was located next to the front door and the other in a bedroom of the old country home.”

Python project: ACB seeks nod to probe Anil Kumar

The ACB has written to the Urban Development Department (UDD), seeking permission to investigate senior IAS officer BH Anil Kumar based on the two complaints filed BH Veeresh, a resident of Vijayanagar. The complainant has alleged that Anil Kumar, who was a former Commissioner of BBMP, cleared bills worth several crores though an internal report […]

The sssstuff of nightmares: Horrifying moment mother catches a giant python napping in her child’s bed – as expert warns against everyday item that could see the same happen to YOU

If a snake is startled while it’s lying in wait for prey than it could lash out with a bite to defend itself. 

A 62-year-old python at the St. Louis Zoo laid 7 eggs despite not being near a male for over 15 years

Experts at the St. Louis Zoo are trying to figure out how a 62-year-old ball python laid seven eggs despite not being near a male python for more than 15 years. Mark Wanner, manager of herpetology at the zoo, said it unusual but not rare for ball pythons to reproduce asexually. The snakes also sometimes […]

Terrifying Video Shows Man Dive to Capture 8-Foot Plus Python With His Bare Hands

So what did Orin do with the Burmese python? He released it back into the wild. “Some of my viewership may be curious as to what we did with the python when we were finished—as I know some people choose to remove them from the Glades and kill them—but I would never dream of killing […]

Immaculate consssseption? Ball python at St. Louis zoo lays seven eggs, baffling workers who say the snake has not been near a male in 15 YEARS

The female snake does not have an official name, but zoo officials gave her the number 361003. She came to live at the zoo in 1961 from a private owner and was believed to be about 3 years old at the time. Pictured are shots of the eggs recently laid by the snake

A ball python laid 7 eggs at the Saint Louis Zoo, even though she hasn’t been around a male in years

“If they continue to live and continue to develop, we expect hatching to be in the next two to three weeks,” he said. “We’ve got our fingers crossed that one of these animals will hatch, but we don’t know for sure.”

Photo: 62-Year-Old Python Lays Seven Eggs in US Zoo Without Male Help

The female python was given to the zoo in 1961 and laid a clutch in 1990, but those eggs are believed to have been conceived with a male, since the snakes were placed together in buckets while their cages were cleaned. In 2009, she laid a clutch of eggs that didn’t survive. 

Monty Python star Michael Palin, 76, undergoes four-hour heart surgery

The legendary comedian and broadcaster continued: “My chest won’t really be ready for any gold medallions for at least six weeks, and I’m told the ticker, which enlarges to deal with the extra work-load from dysfunctional valves, may take a year to return to normal size.”