Asma Rani murder case: Sister asks PM Imran, judiciary to provide justice

“The killers have access to telephones in jail. They threaten people who speak for justice for us and stand by us. They have been using phones regularly to call people and threaten them,” she said, adding that police allowed the suspects to be released at night so they can spend time with their families.

Why look for life in ‘alien oceans’ on distant moons?

“And perhaps they will be able to laugh about that in the same way that we look at Galileo and say: ’Of course, Galileo’s work was pivotal in changing the way we think about the universe’ — and everything that cascades from that, right down to the computer conversation that we’re having now.”

Two raw fish dishes to serve on top of the perfect bowl of rice

Our love of rice runs so deep that we decided to build our first project, Tata Eatery, around it, showcasing innovative cooking served over bowls of it. Our food doesn’t belong to any one cuisine, nor is it a Chinese-Portuguese fusion. I’d say it is based loosely on don, the Japanese way of eating bowls […]

Record number of UK children excluded for racist bullying

She added: “Young people are merely reflecting the prevailing climate … Schools need to not pretend the problem does not exist. Senior leadership teams themselves need to consider their own unconscious biases as they are often all white teams with a very basic understanding of what constitutes racism. Ultimately though, this is not an issue […]

AP VoteCast: How Black women shape Democratic politics

It’s a key difference that demonstrates the group’s power in the party’s nomination process. After poor performances in Iowa and New Hampshire left Joe Biden’s candidacy on life support earlier this year, Black voters — and Black women in particular — spurred the former vice president to a decisive victory in South Carolina. Black women […]

Brazil’s Neymar in trouble over intimate pics of woman accusing him of rape

Neymar’s club, Paris Saint-Germain, tweeted Thursday that the player “suffered a severe sprain of the outer lateral ligament of his right ankle,” and will be “reassessed by the club’s medical department within the next 72 hours.”

Hugs helped El Paso victims cope after the shooting. A sign of affection now could put their lives at risk

Kristen Daugherty, EHN’s CEO, says some callers initially questioned why El Paso and specifically the Hispanic community were targeted while others felt guilty because they changed their plans to go to Walmart that morning and changed their plans at the last minute.

Coronavirus: Can I get travel insurance and what are my travel rights?

PPE, or personal protective equipment, is clothing and kit such as masks, aprons, gloves and goggles used by medical staff, care workers and others to protect themselves against infection from coronavirus patients and other people who might be carrying the disease.

The best cheap Chromebook prices and deals in August 2020

It’s almost as if Dell hand-crafted this Chromebook to get work done in the classroom. It’s got an indicator light on the lid that teachers can use as if the student raised his or her hand to answer (or ask) a question. And, it’s rubberized in many places to better survive drops and dents. It’s […]

Pokémon Go Articuno pair hope for normality after “madness” of internet spotlight

To be fair to the game’s community, it was natural to be suspicious (I also was, when first reporting the story). Gifting a legendary Pokémon seemed such a random, erratic gesture from Niantic, when it has said in the past these ultra-rare Pokémon were being saved for release at huge, future events.