Kavita Kaushik’s husband Ronnit Biswas claims Abhinav Shukla has ‘severe alcohol problems’, says ‘Had to call cops on him’

Swami Om vs Bani JThe fight between Swami Om and Bani J was probably one of the ugliest fights in the history of Bigg Boss. Both of them were a part of Bigg Boss 10. During a task, Swami Om crossed all limits when he threw his pee at Bani and said that her mother […]

The 3 steps to making tough decisions—bold advice from an ex-Marine officer

Too often leaders abandon their responsibility and choose not to act on a tough decision because they don’t want to be saddled with either the decision or the outcome. They act in their own interest rather than tackling the more difficult task of doing what’s right for the organization. Nothing relieves the leader of the responsibility to […]

Pistons forward Jerami Grant on leaving Nuggets: “My growth as a player is extremely important to me”

“It was tough,” Grant said. “I was in a situation where I was comfortable. I loved my teammates, I loved the organization. It was a lot of things that made me teeter between my decision, but at the end of the day, I made the best decision for me and my career. My growth as […]