Latin Artists Show Support for Black Lives Matter: ‘The Black Community Needs Latin Voices to Speak Up’

The death of George Floyd has been horrifying and heart-wrenching and we all know that he, as well as Breonna Taylor and Ahmad Aubrey are only a few of the many who die unjustly because of racism and discrimination in our country. We must all band together, Latino, Black, White, Asian, to work for change. […]

Coronavirus live updates: Deal calls for SF teachers to interact with kids live online at least 2 hours daily

12:17 p.m. Harry Reid calls Trump attack on mail-in voting foolish ‘hullabaloo’: Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Friday that President Trump “is raising concerns that are non-existent” by attacking plans for mail-in voting during the pandemic, including in Reid’s home state of Nevada. The attacks are “an effort by Trump and the Republicans […]

This one thing is holding you back from becoming a leader

“When we face a challenge, our brain increases the level of adrenaline and noradrenaline in order to sharpen our motivation and focus. But if the challenge starts to seem beyond our control, those same neurochemicals rise to ‘fight or flight’ levels, making us feel stressed and panicky. So, there’s a fine line between being ready […]

Whatever happened to the heroes?

By the time they had run their course, the westerns of the 1970s left almost no myth or legend untouched. Never was a genre so thoroughly broken down and reconstituted as the western was in those times. By the time the job was done, the genre was as good as dead – though Heaven’s Gate […]

Kerala rain: govt. marshals resources for flood rescue

IAF help soughtThe government had also requested the help of the Indian Air Force to fly relief and rescue missions over Idukki. However, the IAF has told the government that squally weather dissuaded helicopters from sortieing into the hilly area for now.

‘Never give up’: Greek asylum fight is gifted student’s hardest lesson

But when the decision came, it was another rejection. He remembers staring at the piece of paper in disbelief. His mind filled with questions. Why was his suffering not recognised? He had the presence of mind to take a photo of the decision and send it to Kountouri. She reassured him they would find a […]

‘Pure evil’ former X Factor contestant jailed for sex attacks on 9 women over 22 years

Blackwell said at the time: “Louis loved me but Simon didn’t so it was left to Cheryl. I knew she wouldn’t have the guts to go against Simon. She’s gutless.”

What should eating out in SF cost?

“Making food this way isn’t cheap and you are right, our prices our higher. Our ingredients cost more, our labor going into each product costs more. It will always be less expensive to buy cream cheese than to make our own farmers cheese for our bagels. It will always cost more to grind our own […]

Carlson: Left’s Response to Coronavirus Much Like ‘Authoritarian’ China — ‘Characterized’ by Corruption, Lack of Social Trust, Deep Cynicism About Gov’t

In January, for example, Dr. Anthony Fauci at the time, not yet a household name, did an interview with “The Journal of the American Medical Association” to talk about America’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus. Fauci explained the authoritarian measures the Chinese government had taken to contain that virus. Then Fauci noted almost offhandedly that […]

Those innocent days when sales of toilet paper were stable

FIVER LETTERS “At the beginning of last season Aston Villa were predicted by every pundit, hack, social media follower and phone-in ‘know it all’ that they were ‘Doing a Fulham’. They failed even though for most of the season they looked like they were trying very hard to do so. With Fulham’s return to the […]