Carlson: Democrats Connecting Wildfires, Climate Change ‘About Blaming and Ritually Humiliating’ the Middle Class for Electing Someone They Don’t Like

Gavin Newsom was asked last month whether he would consider revising his stance given that the blackouts have left millions of Californians without power and presumably killed people because that’s what happens when you don’t have electricity. And Newsom responded this way, quote: “We are going to radically change the way we produce and consume […]

What Megablazes Tell Us About the Fiery Future of Climate Change

When lightning struck, Alaska blazed. “At one point this summer,” Obama noted, “more than 300 wildfires were burning at once.” Blazing largely out of control, the fires consumed 5.1 million acres — the second-worst fire season on record. As bad as wildfire has been in Alaska, it will only get worse, according to the National […]

Farmers in Germany feel the heat of climate change

Tackling climate change on the field A potential silver lining? Some in the NRW wine-making community see the changing weather patterns as an opportunity to experiment with growing grape sorts that previously couldn’t have weathered the German climate. But they don’t want to lose their long-standing reputation for producing the white wines for which the […]

‘Bully’ council defends decorating houses in ‘baby poo’ paint by claiming it’s helping fight CLIMATE CHANGE

COUNCIL ‘BULLIES’ Vanessa Smith, a former Labour councillor in Hounslow for 16 years who lives on the estate, accused the council of acting like “bullies” and failing to communicate with the community because “they’re only council tenants”.

Obama and Climate Change: The Real Story

Actually, of course, “the problem” is that climate change is spiraling out of control. Under Obama we’ve had the warmest year in American history – 2012 – featuring a summer so hot that corn couldn’t grow across much of the richest farmland on the planet. We’ve seen the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded north of […]

Govt launches framework for cities to inculcate climate-sensitive approach to urban planning

Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Friday launched a framework which provides a roadmap for cities to inculcate a climate-sensitive approach to urban planning and development. The Union housing and urban affairs minister also launched ‘Streets for People Challenge’, which aims to inspire cities to create walking-friendly and vibrant streets through quick, innovative, and low-cost […]

How climate change is fueling record-breaking California wildfires, heat and smog

“What we’ve been seeing in California are some of the clearest events where we can say this is climate change — that climate change has clearly made this worse,” said Zeke Hausfather, a climate scientist at the Breakthrough Institute, an Oakland-based think tank. “People who have lived in California for 30, 40 years are saying […]

How Mandy Patinkin’s Family Twitter Became a Vehicle for Change

“Well, first of all, Senator Cruz, were you not politicizing it when you use this family favorite to win votes?” Patinkin says in response. “You quote every line in the movie at political events to win favor and get applause and make people laugh. I will ask him for the umpteenth time to read the […]

President Trump’s Energy Policy Would Be a Nightmare

Take Kathleen Hartnett-White, rumored pick to head Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency. She’s a senior fellow and director of the Armstrong Center for Energy & the Environment at the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF), a leading right-wing climate denialist think tank that has been funded by the likes of the Koch brothers, Exxon, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, the […]

The No Lives Matter President

Trump has governed with malevolence from the very start, issuing unnecessary travel bans and locking up immigrant children. But with regards to the pandemic and the threat of domestic terrorism, Trump also has been utterly cavalier with virtually every American life but his own. What we now know, because it’s on tape, is that he […]