World Health Organization warns there ‘may never be a silver bullet’ for Covid-19 and says the disease kills around 0.6% of all infected patients

For example, Cambridge experts believe the virus kills 13 per cent of over-75s but the death rate is no higher than 0.024 for anyone under the age of 45 — the equivalent of killing one in 4,167 people. 

Broke and helpless: Philippines virus lockdown maroons dozens at airport

Broke and jobless, Ruel Damaso is sleeping on cardboard and surviving on food handouts at Manila airport where dozens were left stranded after a partial coronavirus lockdown was reimposed Tuesday. More than 27 million people in the capital and four surrounding provinces were given 24-hours notice of the new restrictions that have shut many businesses, […]

Report: Boris Govt May Ban Travel In and Out of London If Virus Cases Spike

“Just as the government loses control, and the police lose control of real crime and disorder, they start making life much much more repressive for the law-abiding. The two things actually go hand in hand… it’s so much easier to pick the low hanging fruit of the obedient citizen, who can be scared,” Hitchens told […]

Shark Molecule Kills Human Viruses, Too

“It looked like no other compound that had been described in any animal or plant before. It was something completely unique,” Zasloff said. The compound is a potent antibacterial and has shown efficacy in treating human cancers and an eye condition known as macular degeneration, which causes blindness.

Scarborough on Trump’s Coronavirus Response: ‘This Alternate Reality Has Now Killed 150,000 Americans’

Again, it continues. This alternate reality has now killed 150,000 Americans. Who knows how many lives could have been saved if Donald Trump had taken this as seriously as Joe Biden at the end of January in a USA Today op-ed, when Joe Biden said, “We’re not ready for the pandemic. Let your scientists and […]

Trump spinning virus failure as a win again by celebrating ‘encouraging’ progress

The President and Pence, razor focused on the election in exactly three months, spoke in a way that implicitly disregarded and may well have been intended to counter the warning of Birx, the coronavirus task force coordinator who said on CNN Sunday the virus was in a “new phase” as it bears down on rural […]

Vietnam virus outbreak hits factories employing thousands in Danang epicentre

It said on Saturday it planned to test Danang’s entire population of 1.1 million people, part of “unprecedented measures” to fight the outbreak. The city imposed a lockdown last week, closing entertainment venues and banning movement in and out of the city.

Public Health Workers Fighting Virus Face Growing Threats

But Monday, after yet another public meeting that included criticism from members of the board of supervisors, Quick resigned. She could not be reached for comment. Earlier, the county’s deputy director of public health services, David Souleles, retired abruptly.

Uganda reports 2 new gorilla babies in Bwindi national park

Around 1,000 mountain gorillas live in protected areas in Congo, Uganda and Rwanda, serving as a critical source of tourism revenue for those countries. A gorilla tracking permit costs up to $600 in Uganda, and thousands of tourists pay each year. A similar permit costs upward of $1,000 in Rwanda.

Family tells AP: Iran abducted California man while in Dubai

It’s unclear how the abduction happened. A hotel operator said Sharmahd had checked out July 29. Tracking data showed Sharmahd’s mobile phone traveled south from Dubai to the city of Al Ain on July 29, crossing the border into Oman and staying overnight near an Islamic school in the border city of al-Buraimi.