‘Random’ coronavirus testing to begin in Canberra next week at drive-through centre and clinic

Currently the main groups tested are returned travellers and confirmed contacts of known cases that are showing symptoms — but other exceptions have now been made so that all symptomatic healthcare workers, and people who live in confined spaces like aged care homes, cruise ships and boarding schools can be tested.

Fifa 17 review: new story mode and on-pitch tweaks keep veteran in the game

Additional physicality is the biggest, and best, change. There’s close to zero ghosting through the back of opponents in order to steal possession, which is particularly key where old-fashioned centre-forward play is concerned. Attackers with impressive strength stats, such as Diego Costa and Olivier Giroud, shield the ball relentlessly – they’re now a major asset […]

Loot boxes in big games like Call of Duty and Overwatch to publish odds for random items

“[These reviews] come to the conclusion that loot boxes do not meet the existing definition of gambling,” Dr Carter said. “That does not mean that they aren’t gambling, but that they fall outside the existing [legal] definitions in most cases.”

The rise of ‘Zoombombing’: Teenager who crashes classes on Zoom inspires other bored kids to pop into random video lessons – and she’s even raised a digital army of 60 to wreak havoc on unpopular teachers

‘We are deeply upset to hear about the incidents involving this type of attack,’ a Zoom spokesperson told Insider. ‘We strongly condemn such behavior and we encourage users to report any incidents of this kind directly to https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/requests/new so we can take appropriate action.’

JetBlue attendant who dumped cocaine and dashed nabbed in New York

The JetBlue Airways Corp employee, a college sprinter and a former beauty pageant contestant, was randomly selected for additional security screening on Friday evening at Los Angeles airport’s Terminal 4. She had two carry-on bags and a large purse, according to authorities.

New York’s New Unemployment Scene

At 8:30 a.m. on a Monday morning, Todd Reinglass is leisurely strolling the loop surrounding Central Park’s Great Lawn with his yellow Labrador. He’s accompanied by two women and their attendant canines: Kim Wittig, a former co-worker who now works in biotech on Long Island, and Rachel von Roeschlaub, an artist who moved from Boston […]

Coronavirus lockdown could be over in six weeks if we did things differently, experts say

He called doctors at the Queen’s Hospital near Birmingham, telling them on behalf of himself and Kate: “We’d just like to say from the two of us how proud we are of all of you and how amazingly you are all doing under extreme circumstances.

Coronavirus: Scott Morrison gives national update, Aussie cruise passengers to dock in Florida

“These services are vital for so many parents so they can provide for their family, and children need as much familiarity and continuity as we can help provide at this unsettling time. Priority will be given to working parents, vulnerable and disadvantaged children that need early education more than ever and parents with pre-existing enrolments.”

Best SSD deals of the week – 3rd April 2020

Another important consideration is an SSD’s capacity versus how much it costs – something commonly referred to as price per gigabyte. The minimum size SSD I’d recommend these days is 250GB, as this will give you enough room for your Windows installation (around 20GB), a few big games, plus all your music, photos and any […]

Researchers propose method to track coronavirus through smartphones while protecting privacy

Many of us in the West have a smartphone, of which modern devices come with GPS functionality for maps, directions, and local apps. Smartphones could be used as tools to monitor new cases and trace the activities of those newly-diagnosed or suspected to have the respiratory illness — but privacy needs to be respected.