Save a few national peculiarities, colours evoke same emotions for people around the world

People all over the world associate colours with emotions. In fact, people from different parts of the world often associate the same colours with the same emotions. This was the result of a detailed survey of 4,598 participants from 30 nations over six continents, carried out by an international research team. The study was published […]

Dulux announces Brave Ground as its colour of the year 2021 because it represents the ‘natural, earthy, elements found around us’ – but social media users joke the ‘sludge’ shade is ‘very 2020’

‘Dulux announces its “colour of the year” – isn’t this what we once called ‘gre-ige’? How very 2020,’ wrote one, while a second penned: ‘The marketing dept. at Dulux: ‘People are having a c****y year – let’s give them an uplifting colour for 2020!’ …Brown.’

Dem lawmakers blast Trump for opening door to mining in Grand Canyon

The Commerce Department report, titled “Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals,” released Tuesday night, lays out methods to ensure the federal government is mining what it considers “critical minerals” for national security purposes. In May the Interior Department added uranium to that list, an action that put many environmentalist and land […]

Wildfires sweeping Western states of America have caused the skies over Britain to change colour as smoke plumes travel 5,000 miles

The complex- which is just 24 percent contained – has destroyed more than 26 structures and killed at least one person. It secured the title of California’s largest-ever fire on Thursday, as the state weathers its worst most destructive year on record.        

In this village near Mumbai, school teacher uses currency notes, colour pencils to teach maths amid pandemic

Having simplified the worksheets into currency-related problems, Kathole also succeeded in getting parents engaged in the children’s education. “While most parents are not literate, they recognise currency notes. They realised that they could help their children in their studies,” said Kathole, who was one of the speakers at the national Mathematics Teachers’ Association (MTA) annual […]

Lewis Hamilton evokes Breonna Taylor at Grand Prix win

Detroit Lions defensive end Trey Flowers addresses the media with his teammates outside their practice facility on August 25. The Lions canceled their practice in light of the Blake shooting, and they discussed the incident in a team meeting that lasted hours. “We’re going to spread our message; we’re going to do it as a […]

Chris Evert works to jump-start tennis at Grand Slam, grass-roots level in pandemic’s wake

To that end, Rally to Rebuild had raised more than $4 million toward its $5 million goal and is distributing proceeds in the form of $5,000 grants to community-based programs in the National Junior Tennis and Learning network, which serves roughly 160,000 youngsters in 250 communities. The goal of these programs isn’t to groom the […]

‘Naoroji: Pioneer of Indian Nationalism’ review: The Grand Old Man who fought against colonial exploitation

The book is not another exposition on the role of the Indian National Congress (INC) — an organisation of which Dadabhai Naoroji was a founding member — but about his remarkable individual life and those of his contemporaries who helped shaped the nationalistic movement in the late 19th and the turn of the 20th century.

Interior ‘disappointed’ by billboards protesting uranium drilling in Grand Canyon

On Grand Canyon uranium & the recent ad buy: @SecretaryZinke is disappointed to see such a tremendous waste of precious conservation dollars. The Secretary has no intention to revisit uranium mining in and around the canyon and has made exactly zero moves to suggest otherwise.

A vote for India’s national butterfly

Butterflies are ambassadors of Nature conservation and important biological indicators that reflect the health of our environment, says Sharan Venkatesh, founder of Rhopalocera and Odonata Association of Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu. It is important to have a national butterfly as it will help generate awareness about Nature and how these beautiful insects warn us about changes […]