Best Minecraft shaders 1.16 – the best shaders to use with Optifine 1.16.1

But – and it’s a big but – in terms of optimisation, Continuum falls flat on its face compared to many other Minecraft shaders out there. The way I’d put it to you is this: if you want an amazingly good-looking screenshot that makes your Minecraft world look like it came out of a world-class […]

IBM and Michael J. Fox Foundation make a breakthrough in fighting Parkinson’s

“In this initial study, we focused on using only clinical data as measured by the Movement Disorder Society’s Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale,” Kristen Severson of IBM Research told Digital Trends. “We plan to expand our analysis to use additional data in future work. Our goal is to learn a progression model of Parkinson’s disease […]

The Popcorn Conundrum: When Movie Theaters Reopen, Will They Ban Concessions? (Column)

This obvious fact hasn’t kept restaurants from slowly, gingerly reopening, because in the parts of the country where that is happening responsibly, restaurants have reopened with outdoor seating. But a movie theater, among other things, is essentially an indoor restaurant that serves mountains of junk food. And so as theaters reopen, one of two things […]

50 Cent on Season Two of

And even though the characters don’t perform, à la Empire or Nashville, are you hoping the music of Power will get its due this season?Originally, when I approached this, I talked with [executive producer] Mark Canton, and the idea was to create something with good music in it. The music could say things for people […]

Fashion has to do much more if it is serious about catwalk diversity

In designer fashion, there’s much praise for the 1998 collaboration between Alexander McQueen and athlete Aimee Mullins, who starred on the cover of Dazed & Confused’s famous “Fashion-able” issue and walked the McQueen catwalk wearing a pair of bespoke, intricately carved, wooden prosthetic legs. “I was in my teens when I saw that,” says Smith, […]

25 Years Gone: The Day Jerry Garcia Died Remembered by Bill Walton, Bruce Hornsby, Perry Farrell, Warren Haynes

Jon Phillips The co-owner of Silverback Music manages Slightly Stoopid and Fishbone. I was sitting at home in Los Angeles on a rather sunny summer day and I was actually listening to the new (and at that time unreleased) mixes of Sublime’s forthcoming self-titled album in my living room. Paul Leary had been sending me […]

More ooh than 007

Back in 1962 I was producing the BBC radio programme, The Critics, which attracted an audience of several million at Sunday lunchtime on the old Home Service. During a discussion of Dr No, one of the participants, John Bowen (who had invented the action hero Gary Halliday, ‘the thinking lad’s Biggles’, for television) accused his […]

Why Can’t Beyoncé Have It All?

Life Is But a Dream is many things, including too long. There’s concert footage, studio footage, gestating-a-child footage. A convincing case is made that pop stardom is hard work, a bleary infinity of fixing video cues, reviewing performance tapes, evaluating set design. There are views into Beyoncé’s life that feel personal mostly in the sense […]