UK coronavirus response criticized as people are filmed by drones and stopped while shopping

“We know celebrating your Dad’s birthday is a lovely thing to do, however this is not essential travel,” South Wales police told him over Twitter. Although Kinnock was sitting a sizable distance from his parents, the government’s restrictions specify that people should not visit relatives unless it is essential.

Amit Chaudhuri: ‘I use the things that real memoirists throw out’

When he won a place studying English at University College London – helped by the personal intervention, it emerged years later, of editor and UCL professor Karl Miller, who, on the basis of Chaudhuri writing about the books he was reading, dispensed with the need for an interview – he found himself equally isolated in […]

A Creator of the Ebola Vaccine Has Hope for Slowing Covid-19

It’s a good thing. It’s actually important to test a lot of vaccines. We don’t want to put all our eggs into one basket, only to have that one vaccine fall short in clinical trials. If we could have five vaccines that are safe and work and are potent, that would be much better. It […]

One month with the Fitbit Versa 2: Comfortable, affordable, and motivating

The Fitbit Versa 2 is a wearable that offers less than an Apple Watch when it comes to smartwatch capability and less than a GPS sports watch when it comes to exercise tracking, but it offers more than a Fitbit activity tracking band and more than an Apple Watch when it comes to activity data […]

Survivor contestant Jeff issues grovelling apology for outing Zeke Smith as transgender after shock moment is branded ‘the worst thing anybody has done in 34 seasons’

On what’s left of his friendship with Zeke now, Varner said: ‘We’ve spoken several times on the phone. He continually forgives me. I am amazed and moved at his ability to do that. I know that forgiveness is difficult. I know that he has a lot of people in his ear. I know that watching […]

‘Liz is in the house!’ Snapshot of the Queen calling Boris Johnson for their weekly meeting is turned into hilarious memes including one with Lionel Richie’s Hello

It is similar to SARS, which infected 8,000 people and killed nearly 800 in an outbreak in Asia in 2003, in that it is a type of coronavirus which infects humans’ lungs. It is less deadly than SARS, however, which killed around one in 10 people, compared to approximately one in 50 for COVID-19.

Giving Rosso di Montalcino a second look

TASTING NOTES (3-1/2 stars) Uccelliera Rosso di Montalcino 2016, $29: Rich, tannic and structured, with earthy, lingering flavors of sweet and bitter fruits. (DeGrazia Imports, Chicago) (3-1/2 stars, Best Value) Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona Rosso di Montalcino 2017, $25: Sweet and spicy floral aromas, with clear, balanced, bittersweet red fruit and mineral flavors. (Indigenous Selections, Fort […]

How Chris Pratt Became the Biggest Star of 2014

2014 a.k.a “The Year of Pratt”The Lego Movie, which is a critical and commercial hit. (The sequel is due in 2017.) In May, Pratt confirms his starring role in an upcoming Jurassic Park sequel, Jurassic World. Then it’s announced that season seven will be Parks and Recreation’s last, which leaves plenty of time for Pratt […]

How Brad Bird Steered

Bird: Well, it’s so far above my pay grade. I’ve noticed that everything is binary these days, that there’s no gray area or subtlety in questions or answers, and if you answer a question in one way, you must 100 percent believe that and we hate you! I just don’t want to get into it. […]

Coronavirus JobKeeper package shows the politicians you least expect can step out of Fight Club

Every day as the scale of this present coal-black cloud grows across the globe, it’s harder to spot a silver lining, but perhaps in this country it might be this; that in a time of crisis we formed a national decision-making body roughly half of which came from each of our two major parties, and […]