S Korean violist releases music video featuring Việt Nam’s scenery

“It is impossible to describe the beauty of this country and its people. I have fallen in love with Việt Nam every day. Our production team has spent a lot of time travelling through Việt Nam and captured its beauty to show you all. Let’s hope we can travel to these beautiful places again soon when […]

Baker Boy, Gurrumul big winners at National Indigenous Music Awards

“You keep doing what you do to make your family and your mob proud as an Indigenous person. Also, like Dallas Wood’s lyrics [in the song Black Magic], talking about the awesome role models like Nicky Winmar, Uncle Archie Roach, Cathy Freeman, Eddie Mabo – we want to see more people like that.

National Indigenous Music Awards 2020: Baker Boy wins second artist of the year title

“Woah, my heart! This is crazy. I honestly didn’t think I could win at all tonight,” Baker said. “To my family back in Darwin across Arnhem Land, I’m so proud to represent my people and so overwhelmed by the support and success I have achieved rapping in Yolgnu Matha and English.”

Archie Roach, Hallie and Caiti Baker: best Australian music for October

“I’ll make muffins and I’ll save one for you, ‘cos that’s what people in love they tend to do,” is one of the most depressing lyrics of the year, painting a perfectly empty picture of someone play-acting at love until her heart hopefully catches up. Hallie recently won the triple j Unearthed competition – and […]

Music at Home: Weirdest Summer Ever

Galaxie 500, “Tugboat” (1988)Sometimes I remember that, on top of everything, there’s a presidential election this year, and it’s enough to make me want to curl up into a ball and never read another news item again. That’s not really what “Tugboat” is about, and I’m not saying anyone should heed the electoral advice that […]

MTV Video Music Awards Opt Out Of Indoor Event At Barclays Center After Health Warnings

Gov. Andrew Cuomo originally confirmed the date and venue Monday during one of his regular briefings about the pandemic. During the governor’s brief mention of the event, one of his prepared slides declared, “The event will follow all safety guidance, including limited or no audience.”

Mojo Juju fights back: ‘I was too queer, too brown or not attractive enough to sell records’

“I think certain people have had the floor for such a long time and when they are challenged they don’t know how to accept that graciously, and the immediate default is to go into conflict or become defensive, and nothing gets achieved. I think what needs to happen is open discourse, and a willingness to […]

‘African gangs’ outrage inspires blistering hip-hop hit: ‘I want them to see a different side’

The neatly produced video to 4 Deep In The Suburbs – which has racked up more than 125,000 views on Facebook since it was released last week – begins with Kudzai Chirunga and his friends, dressed in all black, walking through a pristine housing estate. “Four deep in the suburbs, as soon as you fall […]