Julian Assange recruited teenager, 17, to hack his own former WikiLeaks associate and delete online chats, court hears, as judge refuses to delay his US extradition hearing any further despite last-ditch legal bid

– April 21: The couple arrive in Australia with their pet Yorkshire Terriers Boo and Pistol, which they did not declare to customs officials in Queensland. Heard was charged later with bringing the dogs into the country illegally – the charges were later dropped and the pair later recorded a bizarre video apologising for bringing […]

Teen ISIS recruiter makes bomb threat during online college lecture: feds

Al Bayati, a US citizen who lives in Richmond outside Houston, was arrested Friday and allegedly later told the feds that his comments were all part of a joke between him and a pal — but officials said the teen is a recruiter for the terror organization.

Firms track FB, Twitter footprints to zero in on candidates

Twitter to highlight gaps in their technology platform. Instead of apologising, the company tweeted back asking him to join their company and help them build a stronger platform. Taken aback and unable to ignore the reply, Sampath took the conversation forward, merely out of curiosity. Two months later, Sampath is employed with the same tech […]

Twitter Just Banned QAnon Accounts. QAnon Supporters Are Thrilled

It’s in part for this reason (as well as the fact that other platforms, like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, have yet to institute similar policies) that Argentino feels that Twitter’s recent de-platforming efforts may not be as effective as one would hope. “There’s such a diverse and active community, that censorship may not be the […]

Bahrain security forces accused of deliberately recruiting foreign nationals

Precise numbers are a closely guarded secret, but in recent years the Manama government has made a concerted effort to recruit non-native Sunni Muslims as part of an attempt to swing the demographic balance against the Shia majority – who make up around 65% of the population of 1 million.

Allison Mack Tried to Recruit Emma Watson for Her Alleged Sex Cult

These tweets were sent over two years ago, and the replies to Mack’s messages to Watson were rife with warnings about her alleged involvement with NXIVM. As of now, she’s being charged with sex-trafficking and forced-labor charges, which could lead to imprisonment for the rest of her life. The court proceedings against Mack will likely […]

Facebook launching poll worker recruitment push this weekend

Last month, Facebook launched a voting information center, which will shift its focus as Election Day approaches, providing information about registration and poll worker recruitment, and later moving to specifics about the voting process and eventually, election results.

Plasma therapy not beneficial in reducing mortality, progression to severe Covid-19: ICMR Study

Additionally, although CP is a safe therapeutic modality, plasmapheresis, plasma storage and NAb measurement are all resource-intensive processes, with a limited number of institutes in the country having the capacity to undertake these activities in a quality-assured manner. “The CP was not associated with reduction in mortality or progression to severe COVID-19,” the study said, […]

Former Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops celebrates 60th birthday

Prior to his stint in the XFL that saw him reunite with former Sooners quarterback Landry Jones, Stoops coached Oklahoma to 10 Big 12 titles and four BCS National Championship Game appearances in a tenure that lasted from 1999-2016, with the Sooners winning it all during the 2000 season. Stoops announced his sudden retirement in […]

Top news of the day: Chinese Army hands over five youth to India; drug regulator directs Serum Institute to suspend recruitment for COVID-19 vaccine trials, and more

Take your threats off the table, British PM Johnson tells EU in trade rowWith the EU stepping up planning for talks on trade to end without a deal, Mr. Johnson has accused its negotiators of threatening to impose a food blockade between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland.